Tyson to Rebuild Burnt Hanceville, Ala., Rendering Plant

April 18, 2022
$208 million, 121,000-sq.-ft. facility, which burned down last July, will open in mid-2023.

Tyson Foods announced plans for a $208 million, 121,000-sq.-ft. rendering facility adjacent to and replacing its Hanceville, Ala., plant, which burned down last July.

The new building is expected to be complete in mid-2023. Tyson said it will retain all 124 employees who worked at the previous Hanceville plant throughout the two-year construction period. The plant actually is located just outside the town limits of Hanceville in Cullman County. 

The Hanceville rendering plant serviced many of the state’s poultry processors and those in neighboring states. The rendering process helps reduce waste by breaking down and cooking the parts of the chicken people don’t eat into usable proteins and fats. In addition to providing a good, concentrated source of protein for animal feed and pet food, the rendering process helps to maximize food production while decreasing use of energy and inputs.

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