Nicholas Meat Breaks Ground on Waste Treatment Facility

May 27, 2021
$50 million project in Loganton, Pa., features waste-to-energy and an advanced wastewater treatment facility.

Nicholas Meat, a family owned and operated meat packing facility in Loganton, Pa., broke ground today (May 26) on its Sustainable Resource Facility (SRF), featuring waste-to-energy technology and an advanced wastewater treatment facility.

The waste treatment facility is estimated to cost $50 million and will take 24 months to finish. It's across from the company's processing plant, which generates both wastewater and solid waste. The new facility will include anaerobic digesters that create renewable energy from the methane gas produced and captured, which is then burned to fuel the plant's boilers.

Following digestion, the majority of the residual liquid joins wastewater from the plant for treatment. Filtration and purification steps produce both potable and non-potable water, both of which will be used in the plant. Digested solids become nutrient-rich fertilizer for farmland.

They have a good video of how it will work here.

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