Report: Another 1.8 Million Chickens Slaughtered in Nebraska Because of Bird Flu

Nov. 28, 2022
Officials from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture said Saturday that 1.8 million chickens will need to be slaughtered after bird flu was found on a farm north of Omaha.

With more than 52 million birds slaughtered in the United States so far, another 1.8 million chickens will meet the same fate as bird flu continues to sweep the nation.

On November 26 Nebraska Department of Agriculture reported the state's 13th case of bird flu had be found on a farm 120 miles north of Omaha. In attempts to limit the spread of disease, all of the chickens on the Dixon County egg-laying farm will be slaughtered.

AP reports indicate Nebraska is second, behind Iowa in terms of birds killed thus far, with Iowa having 15.5 million birds slaughtered to Nebraska's 6.8 million.

Last month, we reported that 48 million chickens had been culled as the bird flu impacts Europe. According to officials, there is little risk to human health from the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus.

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