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New Ingredients: June 2024

June 17, 2024
Flavor enhancer from T. Hasegawa; clean-label starch from Ingredion; botanical flavors from Flavorchem; safe red coloring from Lycored; natural turmeric from DolCas Biotech.

Flavor enhancer

Boostract flavor enhancer adds the rich flavor of fermented dairy to dressings, sauces, baked goods and more. Using innovative technology, this ingredient adds and/or enhances kokumi, the amplification in mouthfeel, taste and texture, by increasing richness while maintaining the balance between flavors. It provides a more luxurious experience, enhancing creaminess and tenderness, extending richness of flavor and boosting milky and buttery mouthfeel.
T. Hasegawa; Cerritos, Calif.
866-985-0502; www.thasegawa.com

Clean-label starch

Novation Indulge 2940 functional native starch is a label-friendly ingredient that meets the demands of health-conscious consumers looking for an indulgent, plant-based texture in their foods. This product is the first non-GMO functional native corn starch that provides a unique texture for gelling and co-texturizing in popular dairy and alternative dairy products and desserts. It delivers a novel texture and mouthfeel while offering a consumer-preferred “corn starch” label, which is highly recognized and more accepted by consumers globally than gelatin, carrageenan and other common texturants.
Ingredion; Westchester, Ill.
800-713-0208; www.ingredion.com

Botanicals in bloom

The movement towards wellness and sustainability has propelled botanical ingredients to the forefront as the latest global flavor trend. According to Innova Market Insights, 53% of consumers globally say, “food that has botanical flavors is often good for my health,” reflecting rising consumer interest in natural ingredients and products with perceived health benefits. Derived from flowers, plants, herbs, and fruits, these flavors offer consumers an elevated taste experience, adding a layer of depth and sophistication to products. The Bloom collection features signature flavors that can be optimized for a variety of food and drink applications: Cranberry Ginger, Grapefruit Bergamot, Lychee Rose, Peach Lavender, Pear Elderflower and Watermelon Mint. All flavors are Kosher, non GM, allergen-free, vegan/vegetarian, Prop 65 free and can be labeled as “natural” on an ingredient statement.
Flavorchem; Downers Grove, Ill.
630-932-8104; www.flavorchem.com

Seeing (safe) red

Red dye No. 3 is a synthetic dye derived from petroleum. It provides a strong red hue and is commonly used in candies and other food products. While it is federally legal in the U.S., other countries and some state regulatory agencies have expressed concerns about its potential effects or outright banned it. The supplier offers a collection of red-to-pink colorants derived from tomatoes is compatible with a wide range of applications. ResilientRed is particularly well suited for red confectionery applications. It has stability across the pH scale, maintaining its beautiful hue, compared to common natural colorants.
Lycored; Branchburg, N.J.
877-592-6733; www.lycored.com

More of the natural turmeric

Curcugen delivers a concentrated, highly bioavailable source of curcuminoids of natural turmeric composition, plus includes the other beneficial components of the spice that have been previously overlooked or even discarded in attempts to maximally concentrate and purify the curcuminoids alone. The Curcugen formulation retains the turmeric essential oils and turmeric polysaccharides—synergistic components that offer independent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits—and the turmeric dispersible resins that help improve the surface area of the lipophilic curcuminoids. This allows them to be more fully absorbed and actualize their bioactivity potential.
DolCas Biotech; Landing, N.J

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