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New Ingredients: July 2024

July 10, 2024
Yeast extracts from Ohly/ABF Ingredients; watermelon and orange flavor from T. Hasegawa; ductless workstation from Hemco; gum acacia from Farbest/Alland & Robert.

Health from yeast extracts

Heart health and immunity are key concerns among consumers seeking to improve their diets and prevent illness. This global supplier of yeast extracts, yeast-based flavors and culinary powders, launched the Neiva range of ingredients to support immune health and overall wellbeing. Yeast beta-glucans, Neiva Glucan Max and Neiva MCT Immune are the first products in the portfolio. These scientifically validated products provide formulators with tailored solutions for functional food, sports nutrition and dietary supplements.
Ohly/ABF Ingredients; www.ohly.com/neiva

Mixing watermelon and orange

The supplier’s Sweet Flavor Menu includes Natural Orange Watermelon FL PWD WONF. It’s sweet, citrusy and fruity, and suitable for beverages, confectionery, sports nutrition, sweet dips and more. It’s also water-dispersible.
T. Hasegawa; Cerritos, Calif.
866-985-0502; www.thasegawa.com

Ductless workstation 

The MicroFlow II is a Class 1 ductless carbon filtered workstation equipped with activated carbon filtration, for fumes, odors, and non-hazardous chemical vapors. It’s completely self-contained with integral recessed work surface to contain spills. A clear shroud surrounds the work area and includes a hinged viewing sash for user protection. Sash can be conformed for use with a microscope. Variable speed fan control allows for high speed 100f/m air flow through the sash opening, or medium and low flow for sensitive operations
Hemco; Independence, Mo.
816-796-2900; www.hemcocorp.com

Above and beyond acacia

Beyond Acacia is a new range of gum acacia featuring high-density granules and a low carbon footprint with all the benefits of traditional gum acacia. It’s easier to use, creating less dust and foam. It has improved dispersion and higher solubility and is sustainable, leaving a lower carbon footprint.
Farbest/Alland & Robert; Park Ridge, N.J.
201-‌573-‌4900; www.farbest.com


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