Pierre’s Ice Cream Being Acquired by Ohio Processors Inc.

April 14, 2022
Cleveland maker of ice cream and other frozen desserts calls it a succession plan.

Pierre’s Ice Cream Co., a Cleveland maker of ice cream and other frozen desserts, said it's being acquired by Ohio Processors Inc. in what Pierre's is calling a succession plan.

“I have spent long hours thinking about and working toward a succession plan that would ensure continuity for the business,” said Shelley Roth, president of Pierre’s Ice Cream Co. “That is why I am pleased to announce the impending transition of Pierre’s to Ohio Processors Inc."

Ohio Processors is a manufacturer and distributor of dairy related products. It's a fourth-generation family-operated business based in the Columbus, Ohio, area and owned by the Smith family, which has been involved in the operation of food manufacturing and distribution companies since 1934.

“The philosophies of Ohio Processors and the Smith family align with our succession priorities as well as the values and directions we have cultivated over the years," Roth continued. The new owner will continue to operate the Pierre plant in Cleveland. Pierre's has been in business 90 years.

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