Ingredient Round Up: February 2021

Feb. 11, 2021
Our editors selected the following food and beverage ingredients to feature in our February 2021 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Citrus Makes Everything Better

During winter, exploring the vast world of citrus is the easiest way to add a little brightness to cold months. Blood oranges are sweet and tart and work well in cooked sauces, salads, salsas and marmalades. Meyer lemons are an orange-lemon hybrid and have the tang of a regular lemon but a much sweeter aftertaste. These flavors can be added to smoothies, salads, meat glazes, cookies and more. T. Hasegawa USA Inc.

Soft shea butter is GRAS

A new, soft fraction of shea butter recently received a “no questions” letter from the FDA in response to its Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) notice. The FDA letter effectively allows the use of shea olein — the soft fraction of shea butter — in the manufacture of a variety of products including baked goods, snacks, spreads, sauces, frozen dairy desserts and more. This non-GMO ingredient delivers high-stability and excellent mouthfeel in bakery, confectionery and prepared foods. The company notes it comes from a shea processing facility in Ghana, part of the company's West Africa shea sustainability program, which empowers woman shea collectors, creates socio- economic value in their communities and conserves and regenerates the shea landscape. Bunge Loders Croklaan

Oat Milk Takes Its Place As Popular Dairy Milk Alternative

OatRite oat extract is an attractive sweetener for the burgeoning oat milk market. This plant-derived sweetener for non-dairy beverages is made from whole grain oats minimally processed in a state-of-the-art plant, producing a syrup with a mild sweetness and pleasant oat taste and aroma. It's naturally high in protein, minerals, soluble fiber and antioxidants, and it also adds functional assets including improved texture and extended shelf life. Malt Products Corp.

Acesulfame Potassium

Sunett acesulfame potassium (ace-k) improves taste profiles. This non-nutritive sweetener has fast, upfront sweetness; no lingering sweetness; excellent blending characteristics; easy to formulate; and it's approved worldwide. Celanese Corp.

Black Forest Ham Flavor

This all-natural powdered flavor is designed to add the smoky taste of Black Forest ham to savory and meat applications, and it doubles as a functional protein solution for many meat products. It is derived from the skin surrounding smoked Black Forest hams produced in southwest Germany. After removal from the smoked hams, the skin undergoes a thermal and mechanical treatment that removes fat and preserves the taste, while creating a versatile functional ingredient with emulsifying properties. The ingredient will be marketed as ProFlavor P BF to blenders and producers in the savory segment and as ScanPro P BF to meat manufacturers. Essentia Protein Solutions

Quinoa Flour

Homecraft Quinoa 112 flour is milled from a proprietary waxy variety of golden quinoa seed. Quinoa is gluten-free and low-glycemic,and recognized for its nutrients, fiber and protein—it is five times higher in fiber than rice and provides all nine essential amino acids. Sourced sustainably from Canada, the flour can be used in a variety of traditional and gluten-free formulations, including baked goods, snacks, pasta and pet food. Ingredion

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Premixes For Dairy Replacement Product

Nutrient-rich premixes for dairy replacement products are made from 85% pea protein and include milk and yogurt. The company also offers recipes for using the premixes. A single serving prepared with 25mg of the premix contains 15% of the recommended intake of vitamin B12 and 50% of the recommended intake of vitamin D. Also available is a premix optimized for plant-based cheeses, which is showcased in a vegan cream cheese recipe. The premixes can be adapted to include additional functional ingredients, such as probiotics and flavorings. Prinova USA

High-concentration ginger extract

Ginfort is a highly concentrated all-natural ginger root extract. The patented bioactive, formulated by Olene Life Sciences in India, carries an approved digestive support claim. Its proprietary extraction process solves common challenges formulators encounter in meeting the three key parameters of an effective nutraceutical ingredient: achieving low-dose actives, providing high clinical effectiveness and maintaining stability. Its high-potency action is owed to a blend of food-grade inactives applied to a base material of solvent-free extracts of ginger oleoresins. CO2 is used to isolate and enrich the gingeroids and other ginger actives. DolCas Biotech

Cheddar Cheese Ingredient

The Cheese Buds 32X Cheddar ingredient offers the potency and versatility of Butter Buds 32X but with a rich cheddar flavor profile. The concentrated cheese ingredient is made with real cheese to deliver a well-rounded cheddar flavor profile. It can be used in a variety of applications, including snacks, entrées, meal kits, sauces and seasonings. Butter Buds

Gingerbread flavor

Natural and vegan gingerbread flavor brings a tasty touch to sweet applications such as dessert creams, syrups, pastries and ice creams. It is made with 1% gingerbread liquid flavor and has an organoleptic profile characterized mainly by cinnamon, cloves, biscuit, caramel, honey and spicy notes. Aromatech

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