Ocean Spray Gifts Truck to Breakout Social Media Star

Oct. 8, 2020
Nathan Apodaca, who works at a potato warehouse in Idaho Falls, recently shot to stardom when he was seen chugging Ocean Spray while 'boarding' his way to work.

Chalk this one up to your feel-good story of the week. Ocean Spray, known by many as the purveyors of all things cranberries, recently made headlines after it gifted Nathan Apodaca with a brand new vehicle. 

Apodaca, who works at a potato warehouse in Idaho Falls, Idaho, was on his way to work when his 2005 Dodge Durango’s battery cut out. Not one to be deterred, he grabbed another set of wheels he had—his long board—and made his way into work. With his Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry in hand and a penchant for Fleetwood Mac, Apodaca took to TikTok to show how he wasn't going to let a little snafu ruin his day.  

According a reports, Apodaca posted his video to his TikTok and didn't think much of it as he went into work. Little did he know how many 'Dreams' may have come true from the short video. Since posting the video, which has now racked up millions of views, Apodaca has become a social media sensation. 

His co-star for the ride, his bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry, also became something of a sensation, with numerous celebrities mimicking the video. With free publicity and zero dollars spent for appearing in Apodaca's video, Ocean Spray stepped up and stepped in, providing a cranberry red Nissan pickup—filled with product of course—to Apodaca at his home. 

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