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Allulose Not Included in 'Sugars' Listing

April 17, 2019
Tate and Lyle gets favorable FDA ruling for its "rare sugar," Dolcia Prima allulose.

Tate & Lyle announced a favorable ruling from the FDA that its "rare sugar," Dolcia Prima allulose, should not be included in the "Sugars" and "Added Sugars" lines of the Nutrition Facts panel.

The FDA "draft guidance" is the result of a comprehensive nutrition-based review by the FDA in response to Tate & Lyle’s citizen’s petition. Previously, allulose was required to be included in sugars, even though it is virtually calorie free. It will continue to be included in the carbohydrate line of the new Nutrition Facts panel and will be labeled as allulose in the ingredients list.

Allulose is a low-calorie sweetening ingredient, one of many "rare sugars" that exist in nature in very small quantities. Originally identified in wheat, it has since been found in certain fruits including figs and raisins.

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