December 2017 Issue

FP1712 cover site

Based on four consecutive years of topline growth and many other factors, Pinnacle Foods is our Processor of the Year. Transitioning from neglected hundred-year-old brands to some of the hottest growth categories, this is a company you should watch (and watch out for) in the future.

In addition to our overview/business story, we look at Pinnacle's product development system, which has rejuvenated old brands and now is having fun playing in trendy, new spaces; and its commitment to manufacturing, which is steeped in the cost-consciousness that comes from its private equity days.

That's not all. Our December issue also looks at healthy ingredients for men, how machine builder-material supplier collaborations are resulting in new packages, and the potential that digitalization holds for the food and beverage industry. Plus our regular departments of news, commentary and new consumer products.

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2018 Supplier Sourcing Guide Available

Where can I find a supplier of flavor enhancers? Who all makes conveyors? What was the name (or the phone number or the web URL) for that used equipment company?

Find the answers to these and other burning issues of procurement with Food Processing's 2018 Supplier Sourcing Guide. Both comprehensive and compact, it lists the suppliers of 34 categories of ingredients, 35 categories of equipment and 6 categories of services in its 80 pages.

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