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Food Connection's Editorial Bytes is the ultimate career planning center for the food and beverage industry. Find the best available jobs, post your resume or set your personal job alert at Food Connection. Keep up with the latest industry and job-related news by reading the following articles or browsing more stories at Annual Salary Surveys

2013 Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey: The Gloom Index Recedes
Wage increases averaging 2.65 percent and an easing of job-security concerns suggest food professionals and the industry are getting back on track.

2012 Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey: Salary Meltdown
Our 6th annual survey finds a retreat to 2008 levels.

2011 Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey: Food Processors are Bringing Home the Bacon
Our fifth annual Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey finds salaries at 2009 levels - and that's an improvement.

2010 Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey: Challenging Work But Out of Balance
Did you take more or less than a 6 percent pay cut? Our annual report uncovers across-the-board reductions.

2009 Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey: Food Processors are Happier, Wealthier
Despite the economic upheaval, our third annual Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey shows an increase in pay while satisfaction holds steady.

Food Processing reveals 2008 Salary and Job Satisfaction survey results
Our second annual Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey's recurring theme of “More work dumped onto fewer people” continues.

2007 Salary Survey: Sweet rewards
Our first salary survey elicits an overwhelming response. We've digested the results to reveal the facts and figures on money, stress and a good amount of job satisfaction.

Food Processing Industry CEOs

Editor's Plate: A Load of Benjamins ... and One Larry
...and an Irene, too. Even as the 'average' food industry salary breaks $100k, how does the CEO of Smithfield Foods warrant $12.9 million?

Food Industry Business: A Bumper Crop of New CEOs
Baby Boomers (and one Gen Xer) are taking the helms of top food companies.

New CEOs mean New Directions
Fourteen of the 15 largest food companies have changed CEOs in the past three years. Here's a look at how seven of them will change the food industry.

Food Industry CEOs Enjoy the Fruits of Their Labor
Like soaring grocery prices, the once relatively modest pay for food and beverage CEOs seems to have ballooned since we last explored executive compensation back in 2006.

How Much Does Your CEO Make?
Another sign food and bev companies are doing well: CEO pay increases.

2006 Food Industry CEO Salaries: What the boss makes
They’re not the glamour boys of big business and most of them have surprisingly modest (by comparison) paychecks. Nevertheless, the CEOs of the largest publicly held food companies probably don’t have to clip their own coupons to pay for groceries.

Career Insights

Organizations Can Survive Crises With a Senior Executive Team Culture
How to assemble a strong leadership team that makes you and your company look good even in bad times.

MRO Q&A: Finding Qualified Technicians
MRO Q&A is a Food Processing series addressing maintenance, repair and operational issues in food plants.

On the Web: Job Hunting 2.0
New media means new rules when it comes to job hunting.

Ice Cream Creator tops's top 10 Dream Jobs
Career Builder releases its 2008 Top 10 Dream Jobs with ice cream creator No. 1 on the list.

The (culinary) road less traveled
A career in business consulting and management may be an unorthodox route to a culinary career, but it worked for Harry Crane, executive chef and culinary manager of Kraft Foodservice.

Where has the engineering talent gone?
A decade of downsizing has sent former food industry innovators to engineering firms — where anybody can hire them

Confessions of a food engineer
How the engineering function at food plants has changed: "I don't manage projects anymore; I manage the process of managing projects."


Five Strategies for Training Hispanic Supervisors
Food manufacturers can blend traditional authoritarian Latino leadership style with a U.S.-style "best practices" mode of supervision.

MRO Q&A: How Do I Develop Robotics Training For My Maintenance Team?
MRO Q&A is a Food Processing series addressing maintenance, repair and operational issues in food plants.

Smart Technology Helping Food Plant Operators Improve Communication
All your employees have smartphones, so use them for training, SOPs and more.

Training and sustaining your workforce
Automation, software and PLCs dictate the workforce requirements in the contemporary food plant, and processors everywhere are struggling to find workers with the skills to keep plants running smoothly.

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