• How Nutrients Contribute to Bone Health

    While calcium and vitamin D are effective at promoting bone health, new information proves nutrients like iron, vitamin K and C, probiotics and minerals also figure prominently.

  • Are Sugars the New Public Enemy No. 1?

    Now that food and beverage companies will have to highlight added sugars on their new Nutrition Facts panels, product developers must keep them at a minimum. But How? Downsizing packages is one way, sugar substitutes are another. But consumers don't just want the new sweeteners to reduce calories; taste matters above all else.

  • Ingredients for Digestive Health

    A trip to most supermarkets will provide consumers with digestive health products to make their digestive systems running smoothly, as more food and beverages on store shelves claim these benefits. Analysts expect the digestive health market to grow readily for these products by at least 6.53 percent in the U.S.

  • Food Manufacturers Find Success with Starches

    Modified starches have been used for years in many applications, often as a thickening agent, emulsifier or stabilizer. But processors are increasing their use of clean-label starches as well as native starches, the latter especially for gluten-free products.

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