Ferrero USA

Ferrara Candy Co.
1 Tower Lane #2700
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Parent: Ferrero Group, Italy

Executives (USA): CEO: Todd Siwak; CFO: Maurizio Ficarra; CHRO: Mike Goldwasser; COO: Mike Murray; General Manager, Chocolate: Natalie Hagstrom; SVP, Marketing Services: Jill Manchester; SVP, Sales: Mike Sayles; General Manager, Seasonal: Hans Becher; VP, Product Development: Heather Boggs; VP, Business Development: Wally Pfenning; General Manager, Sugar: Greg Guidotti

Brands: 100 Grand, Atomic Fireball, Baby Ruth, Black Forest, Bob's, Boston Baked Beans, Bottle Caps, Brach's, Butterfinger, Chuckles, Chunky, (Nestle) Crunch, Fruit Stripe, Goobers, JawBusters, Jujyfruits, Laffy Taffy, Lemonheads, Lik-M-Aid, Nerds, Nips, Now & Later, Oh Henry, Original Spree, Pixie Stix, Rain-Blo, Raisinets, RedHots, Sathers, Sno Caps, Super Bubble, SweeTarts, Tic Tac, Trolli, Wonka, Keebler, Mother’s, Famous Amos, Murray’s, Little Brownie Bakers and Stretch Island


Products: Candy, cookies, cones and crusts

Manufacturing facilitiesItasca, IL; Chicago, IL; Franklin Park, IL; Bolingbrook, IL; Forest Park IL; Bellwood, IL; Bloomington, IL; Maywood, IL; Dallas, TX; Augusta, GA; Louisville, KY; Allyn, WA; Florence, KY; Baltimore, MD; Vernell, Mexico; Reynosa, Mexico