Food Biz Kids: Morning Rounds are not Just for Mornings

July 9, 2014
Ozery's Apple Cinnamon, Muesli and Cranberry Orange flavored buns are delicious to all ages at any time of day.

Caeli W, 9th grade: This product offered a nice blend of apple and cinnamon. And boy, did it smell delicious! It feels nice and soft, but also has a nice crunch to it when you take your first bite. If you like it crunchier you can just toast it a little longer. The packaging was nice because the color matched the flavoring of the bed. It was green to match the apples. This is a really good morning snack for teens who are on their way to school. It’s easy and efficient for fast moving people.

Rachel R, 12th grade: The flavor is amazing in every bite. It doesn’t overpower the bread and it's not too bland. It tastes like a sweet and tangy dessert but it has the benefits of being healthy. I love this! The smell is sweet but not overpowering. The packaging is easy to open, small enough to fit in my freezer, and a great color: orange. Everyone would enjoy this product -- when will it be in stores?

Dan S, 12th grade: This bread had a little piece of heaven and oranges in every bite. The bread is very soft and easy to cut. It was also really easy to rip apart if you wanted to share with your friends. I think that everybody of all ages would like this because it’s a light breakfast that will fill you up in the morning before school or work.

Julia V, 11th grade: This snack is very fresh and reminds me of a cute breakfast shop. A very grainy flavor complemented with some sweetness. It's nice and soft, but on the other hand has a little crunch to it because of the nuts. It provides the consumer with the perfect blend of soft and crunchy. This is perfect for all people who are looking for a tasty and fresh way to enhance any meal of the day.

Haley S, 10th grade: If you like the taste of raisins, this is the snack for you. It has a nice blend of crunchy and soft. It has the aroma of cinnamon and fresh-baked bread. The initial appearance of the bread isn’t great because it's kind of bland looking. But the taste makes up for it. I think it’s mainly for anyone who needs to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning.

Zach L, 8th grade: This product tastes like a blend of raisins, apple, cinnamon, all mixed into a blended bundle of happiness. It has a nice soft texture. I’m not really sure I am in love with the raisins but they’re OK. You can really smell the apple and cinnamon especially when it comes right out of the toaster. This is a perfect snack for people of all ages.

Jake Ludwig, 11th grade: This smells really good. What I might do is add some butter to the top if the bread when I take it out of the toaster. I think it would add a great flavor to the product. I would prefer if this came in a loaf, so I could cut as many pieces as I wanted or even make it into a sandwich. This could be used as a good meal after school, a late-night snack or a healthy breakfast in the morning.

Skylar R, 10th grade: I really like this.It was delicious and perfect for a healthy snack on the go. I want this in my lunch or after I work out. This has the perfect amount of softness and raisins. The texture once you bite into it is delicate. It smells like fresh apples and cinnamon. It really draws you in. It's something that is just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, but very healthy. The packaging was delightful; the minute I saw it, I immediately wanted to try it. The second I bit into it, I wanted to keep eating

Lucy G, 10th grade: This product is great for athletic teens who are always on the run and don't have time to make a healthy choice. I know that I have a huge sweet tooth and healthy foods aren’t always my favorite. I’m also not a huge fan of breakfast. But this is the best of both worlds. I can get a tasty yet healthy breakfast that’s quick and easy in the morning. A great way to start off your day.

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