Seaboard Corp.

Sept. 10, 2009
9000 W. 67 St., Shawnee Mission, KS 66202 Phone: 913-676-8800Fax: 913-676-8872 www.seaboardcorp.comExecutives: Pres. & CEO: Steven J. Bresky; EVP, CFO: Robert L. Steer; SVP- General Counsel & Secretary: David M. Becker; SVP-Finance & Treasurer: Barry E. Gum; SVP-Engineering: James L. Gutsch; SVP-Governmental Affairs: Ralph L. Moss; SVP-Taxation & Business Development: David S. Oswalt; SVP-Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer: John A. Virgo; VP: David Rankin; VP-Audit Services: Ty A. Tywater; CEO-Pork: Terry Holton; CEO-Commodity Trading and Milling: David M. Dannov; CEO-Marine: Edward A. Gonzalez; CEO-Sugar: Hugo D. Rossi; CEO-Power: Armando G. RodriguezSubsidiaries, Divisions: Pork; Commodity Trading & Milling; Marine; Sugar; Power, TurkeyBrands: Seaboard Farms, Prairie Fresh, A Taste Like No Other, Daily’s, Daily's Premium Meats Since 1893, High Plains Bioenergy, Prairie Fresh Prime, Seaboard Foods, Buffet Brand and Seaboard Farms, Inc.Product Areas: Pork, sugar refining, citrus juice

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