The Hain Celestial Group Inc.

Sept. 11, 2009

1111 Marcus Ave., Lake Success, New York 11042
Phone: 516-587-5000

Executives: Chrmn & Pres/CEO: Irwin D. Simon; EVP & CFO: Ira J. Lamel; EVP & CEO-United States: John Carroll; SVP & General Counsel: Denise M Faltischek; SVP-Finance & Chief Accounting Officer: Michael J. Speiller; VP-Technical Services: Gerald F. Amantea; SVP-Corporate Relations: Mary Celeste Anthes; SVP-Special Projects: Benjamin Brecher; CEO-Hain Daniels: Rob Burtnett; Pres-Celestial Seasonings & Chief Sales Officer-Grocery, Snacks & Personal Care: Peter Burns; VP-IT: Michael E. Calderon; VP & Treas.: Pasquale Conte; SVP & Chief Growth Officer: Ellen B. Deutsch; Associate General Counsel & Corporate Secretary: Mia G. DiBella; Pres.-Hain Celestial Canada: Beena G. Goldenberg; Financial Director-Hain Daniels: Jeremy Hudson; Pres.-Hain Celestial Personal Care & Chief Supply Chain Officer-Grocery, Snacks and Personal Care: James R. Meiers; Chief Marketing Director: Maureen M. Putman; CEO-Europe: Philippe Woitrin
Brands: Almond Dream, Arrowhead Mills, BluePrint, Celestial Seasonings, Cully & Sully, Danival, DeBoles, Earth’s Best, Ella’s Kitchen, Europe’s Best, Farmhouse Fare, Frank Cooper’s, Gale's, Garden of Eatin’, GG UniqueFiber, Hartley’s, Health Valley, Imagine, Jason, Johnson’s Juice Co., Lima, Linda McCartney, MaraNatha, Rice Dream, Robertson’s, Sensible Portions, Soy Dream, Spectrum, Spectrum Essentials, SunSpire, Sun-Pat, Terra, The Greek Gods, The New Covent Garden Soup Co., WestSoy, Yves Veggie Cuisine

Plants: (Tea) Boulder, CO 158,000 Owned
Manufacturing and distribution (Grocery) Hereford, TX 136,000 Owned
Manufacturing (Frozen foods and pouch filling) West Chester, PA 105,000 Owned
Manufacturing (Vegetable chips) Moonachie, NJ 75,000 Owned
Manufacturing and distribution center (Snack products) Lancaster, PA 100,000 2017
Manufacturing and distribution (Grocery) Shreveport, LA 37,000 Owned
Manufacturing (Personal care) Culver City, CA 24,000 2015
Manufacturing (Meat-alternatives) Boulder, CO 21,000 Owned
Manufacturing (Nut butters) Ashland, OR 13,000 Owned
Distribution center (Grocery, snacks and personal care products) Ontario, CA 375,000 201
Distribution center (Snack products) Landisville, PA 56,000 2013
Distribution center (Tea) Boulder, CO 81,000 2014
Distribution center (Meat-alternatives) Boulder, CO 45,000 Month to month
Distribution center (Personal care) Culver City, CA 26,000 2015
Manufacturing and distribution (Cold-pressed juice) Long Island City, NY 10,000 2019
Manufacturing and distribution (Cold-pressed juice) Hawthorne, California 17,000 2016
Manufacturing (Meat-alternatives) Vancouver, BC, Canada 76,000 Owned
Manufacturing, distribution and offices (Non-dairy beverages) Troisdorf, Germany 131,000 2027
Manufacturing (Fresh prepared food products) Brussels, Belgium 20,000 2014
Manufacturing and offices (Organic food products) Andiran, France 39,000 Owned
Distribution (Organic food products) Nerrac, France 18,000 Owned
Manufacturing and distribution (Crackers) Larvik, Norway 16,000 2019
Manufacturing and offices (Ambient grocery products) Histon, England 303,000 Owned
Manufacturing (Fresh prepared fruit products) Luton, England 97,000 2015
Manufacturing (Hot-eating desserts) Clitheroe, England 38,000 2026
Manufacturing (Fresh fruit and salads) Leeds, England 37,000 2022
Manufacturing (Chilled soups) Grimsby, England 61,000 2029
Manufacturing (Chilled soups) Peterborough, England 54,000 2020
Distribution (Chilled products) Peterborough, England 35,000 Owned
Manufacturing (Desserts and meat-free frozen products) Fakenham, England 101,000 Owned
Manufacturing (Juices, Smoothies and Ingredients) Ashford, England 53,000 Owned

Major Product Areas: Natural food, beverages, snacks

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