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New Food and Beverage Rollout: February 2013

Feb. 7, 2013
Our February 2013 new food and beverage rollout highlights healthier fare and product convenience for consumers.
Betty Crocker Offers One-Step Macaroni and Cheese Kit
General Mills Inc. is heating things up with the rollout of Betty Crocker Mac and Cheese in three varieties: Original, Cheese Pizza and Grilled Cheese.
Vidalia Brands and Inventure Foods Partner for Sweet Onion Petals
Vidalia onions get snacked and packed thanks to a licensing agreement between Vidalia Brands and Inventure Foods.
Enerjive Introduces  Quinoa Skinny Crackers
The Ottawa-based company is one of the first to put quinoa into cracker form helping to make consumers lean and energized.
Lunchables Snackers Debuts Ready-To-Eat Chicken Nuggets
The 255g bags of ready-to-eat chicken nuggets are part of Kraft's Lunchables Snackers "Lunchables without a drink" line.
Lean Cuisine Rolls Out Heat-and-Eat Salad Toppers
The Lean Cuisine Salad Additions from Nestle USA are sold alongside other Lean Cuisine products in retailers' freezer cases.
Kashi Introduces Healthy Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies
Kellogg Co.'s Kashi Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies blend rich cocoa and creamy almond butter with dark chocolate chips, crunchy almonds and a special combination of seven whole grains.
Frito-Lay Offers Tostitos Fiesta Cantina Chips and Salsas for Home
Frito-Lay North America recently launched its Tostitos Cantina tortilla chips and salsas which recreate the Mexican restaurant experience for consumers at home.
Rice-a-Roni Now Available in Single Serve Rice Cups
The Quaker Oats' brand San Francisco treat can now be enjoyed quickly and conveniently thanks to th new microwavable cups.
Coconut Water Teams Up with Whey Protein for Ultimate Sports Recovery Beverage
The powdered drink mix is a blend of coconut water powder and specifically hydrolyzed whey proteins which have been shown to help build muscle faster.
Nutritious Peanut Butter Cups Contain 21 Grams of High-Quality Protein
This unique chocolate candy contains 21 grams of protein per two-peanut butter cup serving and is sweetened with a blend of erythritol, monk fruit and sucralose to enables a low total carbohydrate count. 
AriZona Beverages Rolls Out New Chocolate Fudge Drink
The sparkling soda contains real chocolate and cream and uses acesulfame potassium and sucralose helps keep calories low.

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