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Food Biz Kids: Kids Wish for More Chocolate in Quaker Chewy Snack Bars

April 18, 2011
Our junior high testers felt the chocolate and mint were lacking in this Quaker Oats snack bar, claiming 'If only it were more chocolaty.'
Quaker Chewy (Made with real Cocoa) -- Chocolate Mint; Quaker Oats Co., Chicago, Ill.
Orlando Owens, 7th grade:The Quaker Chewy Chocolate Mint package makes me want it pretty bad because of the pictures. It seems simple to open, and as soon as I open it, I can smell chocolaty mint. I can taste the mint more than the chocolate. The mint is a great flavor/texture to add to the cocoa bar.Erica Gardner, 8th grade:The packaging is not very complicated, and it is very easy to open. As soon as I opened the package, the scent of chocolate and mint just overpowered me. The texture of the chewy bar is rough in a way and kind of sticky. When I began to eat the bar, it was very chewy and easy to eat. I definitely will be asking my mom to buy me some of these!Ben Wilson, 7th grade:This is a blast of mint sensation in your mouth. It is an amazingly strong flavor. But you cannot taste the chocolate at all. If it were more chocolaty, then it would be a mega-awesome granola bar. I recommend you make the chips chocolate and mint swiggles.Rachel Cheney-Egan, 7th grade:The packaging is kid-friendly. It is easy to open and gives you a minty smell. The bar does not look that good. When I tasted it, I only tasted mint. I did not agree with the flavor. I think they should put some chocolate chips in it to equalize the flavors. I would recommend changing some of the ingredients before putting it in stores nationwide. I do not think children will like it because of a cardboard taste and a chewy texture that gets stuck in your teeth.Adrian LaFont-Mueller, 7th grade:This simple yet amazing crunchy snack blends the salty flavor with an amazing herbal crunch. This snack isn't necessary though because there are already many of these products.Maddie Pope, 8th grade:I personally do not like the product. The taste is horrible. You can hardly taste any of the cocoa. Although I think kids will buy this product because it has chocolate. It is not healthy and it does not taste good.  Evan Haynes, 7th grade:I liked it at first, but then I realized something. There is too much mint, and I can't taste the chocolate. Mint overpowers the overall taste and makes it taste terrible, but that is just my opinion.Desmond James, 7th grade:Chewy Chocolate Mint is a good mix of mint and chocolate. It comes in a great package, and also has a good opening so it is easy to get open. It has a great smell and tastes like a chocolate bar.Abdoulaye Diakhate, 7th grade:The packaging on the Chewy Chocolate Mint bars is perfect; the shiny metallic encourages the eater to taste it. The taste of the chewy cocoa bar is perfect. It doesn't have too much of anything, which gives it a good healthy balance.
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Jalil Petty, 7th grade:This is simple. I think it will appeal to younger kids. It is easy to open. I don't think this product makes sense. We already have mint chocolate chip ice cream. The taste is good and the texture is crunchy. I think that parents will buy it for their children. But the world doesn't need this product; I wouldn't recommend it.Mitchell Washington, 7th grade:The packaging is true to the Quaker name and appealing to the eye. As soon as I opened the package, the strong scent of mint hit me. The taste is chocolaty but the aftertaste is a mixture of mint and chocolate. Any fan of chocolate or mint should try this great combination.Nick Pigozzi, 8th grade:The product smells bad … but it tastes great! The package is very appealing as well. I would suggest these for kids to put in their lunch. I really like this product.Mikey Barnett, 8th grade:It's so-so, not great, but not bad. The package is great. I think this is a product someone would buy just once, but never again. I don't think this is necessary, and we don't need it on the market.Joe Ennis, 8th grade:The packaging is very good. It makes me want to buy it. Taste, texture and smell are really good. I would buy it, and anyone that likes chewy bars would buy it.James McNeal, 7th grade:Chewy! It is like an explosion of chocolate and mint in my mouth with a hint of oats. It has a great aftertaste of sweet cocoa, and the smell gives you a great, wonderful feeling. The wrapper is awesome.Ian Hanson, 7th grade:I don't think granola goes with the mint, which is very refreshing and stays with you after you are done with it. The packaging is very appealing to kids. It's colorful and catches my eye. If there were more chocolate to balance the mint, it would be better.Julian McCorkle, 7th grade:The granola bar is kind of good. I think they should not have put the mint in there because it made it taste nasty. I would not buy this product ever. It smells good, but I do not think the world needs this.Terrence Powell, 7th grade:The wrapper is very easy to get off. When I smelled it, it smelled like mint chocolate. When I bit into it, I could taste the chocolate and mint together on my tongue. It feels chewy and a little crunchy. I would recommend this product for people who like the taste of mint chocolate.

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