Food Biz Kids: Keebler Town House Flatbread Crisps are the cracker of the future

May 13, 2011
Our junior high reviewers had nothing but praise for the Kellogg Co.'s Italian Herb Flatbread Crisps.
Sidni Thomas, 8th grade:The Keebler Town House Flatbread Crisps taste really good. The herbs stood out in taste. But the packaging could be brighter though. The image of the product on the box is accurate and intriguing. The crisps are also seasoned well. The only way to describe them would be fantastic and one of the best snack finds I've had in a while.Rolando Flores, 7th grade:Packaging is very appropriate for the product. It is appealing to anyone in the family over three years old because of the choking hazard. The aftertaste is good, better than the first bite. Crunchy is good, and they smell plain delicious. Mothers would likely buy them. If it were (sitting) between two people, the whole box would be gone in under a minute. Maira Handler, 7th grade:Delicious is the only work that can describe these Town House Flatbread Crisps. The package is also beautiful. These crackers would go well with a lot of different dips. It is an Italian meal in one little cracker.Ben Good, 7th grade:The packaging on the crisps is exquisite; the red goes very well the crisps. The smell is awesome, the taste is awesome, and the texture is awesome. Yes, the Flatbread Crisps are awesome. I would definitely buy this product.Guia Ferguson, 7th grade:These crackers are very appealing. They look and smell good. The box is very attractive and easy to open. This product is very good. I would buy this product because it's crispy, savory, seasoned and healthy. I would definitely eat this and the world would be very eager to have this treat. Although you can't figure out what they put on the cracker, it tastes like pizza.Orlando Owens, 7th grade:The packaging doesn't look too complicated. The crisps smell and taste like pizza. The enlarged picture shows the texture and detail of the cracker. The taste gets stuck in the back of your tongue. They are very salty. Overall, this is a very good product.Chloe Roberts, 7th grade:The packaging for this product is extremely appealing. The product looks great and reminds me slightly of Cheez-Its. The smell is delicious, and the scent is like authentic Italy. The crackers also remind me of pizza. The herbs in the cracker are the perfect blend. The familiarity of pizza is placed in, so it's kid-friendly, but it's a taste that adults will love as will. Overall great product, it is similar to others, but worth buying.Evan Harris, 7th grade:Very nice taste. The herbs work well with the crackers to make a nice sweet snack. The packaging is good too; it almost makes me salivate. The Crisps are also salty, which I like.Annabel Paulsen, 7th grade:This taste of zesty tomato and basil controls your mouth. These crackers are amazing. They remind you of original Italian flatbread, straight out of the oven. The packaging looks like regular crackers, with a red box that reminds you slightly of Cheez-Its. These crackers are perfect for parties, or just sitting in front of the TV.Cecilia Hansen, 7th grade:This product is very easy to open. The outside of the box looks very appealing and made me feel like I was starving! The crisps look very formal, but they are very simple. Yes, this product makes sense; it is good for parties. It smells like pizza and tastes like a crunchy pizza too! Someone who is preparing for a party would buy this product. People who like pizza would like it. I think the world needs a crunchy pizza [cracker].Ben Wilson, 7th grade:These Town House Flatbread Crisps have an amazing flavor. It is the perfect blend of herbs packed into one little cracker, and they even look satisfying. Overall, this is the cracker of the future!Zane Tolchinski, 7th grade:The (outside) packaging is really colorful. OK [inside] packaging; it wouldn't open. The crisps taste very delicious, and would be great for snacking. They taste salty good.Hailey Ledin, 7th grade:The packaging is really nice, and the colors are a good choice. These are definitely a nice snack. They look and taste delicious. I think anyone would buy these.Kebrea Parker, 7th grade:Flatbread Crisps look tan with Italian seasoning on them. They would appeal to gum chewers. It tastes like pizza, but smells like a sandwich shop.

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