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Food Biz Kids: Oreo Fun Stix Receive Rave Reviews

May 13, 2010
Our 7th and 8th grade reviewers find Oreo's Fun Stix a "Fun alternative to breakfast cereal."
Nabisco Oreo Fun Stix
Kraft Foods Global Inc., Northfield, Ill.
Natalie Bahmandeji, 7th grade:I think the packaging on the Oreo Fun Stix is a good and simple way of advertising the product. The joke (on the inside sleeve) would also be entertaining to the kids who eat these. The texture is flaky and can be messy, but the taste is nice because of the soft frosting on the inside and the crunchy outer shell. The smell is also attractive, just like the original Oreos. It's a nice alternative to a boring breakfast cereal. Now you can sip (milk) with the Oreo Fun Stix. Kids would definitely want their parents to buy them this fun and tasty product.Jeffrey Brown, 7th grade:Oreo Stix are pretty good. The smell is like a regular Oreo, except that these are shinier and longer. But Oreo Stix need more icing. Personally, I would not buy them, but people obsessed with Oreos would.
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Wali Deutsch, 7th grade:I enjoyed the Oreo Stix to almost the full extent, except I felt like my taste buds wanted a more crunchy outer covering. Instead, I got a more flaky covering with icing inside, which was a good combination but not the best. The packaging of the product is slim and small, a good package for on the go. I do think there should be more in each package – maybe six – instead of two. Overall, it is a good product that will sell well in the stores. Reginal Murphy, 7th grade:The packaging is about average; OK, but it could use some color. The taste is wonderful; I love Oreos. The texture is good, but it could use some more frosting in the shell, which is wonderful as well. I would so buy this in the store because I am a kid and I love it. Jack Brennan, 7th grade:The packaging looks very appetizing. It is just a simple picture of what it actually is, and the actual Stix looks good. It feels hard but also a little bit soft because of the ring of cream. It has the sweet, soft smell of Oreos, and you can use it as a straw. I think Oreo Stix could be for many ages, not just one small range.Rakael Fidis, 7th grade:The packaging of Oreo Fun Stix is bright blue. I think people would find them intriguing if they saw them in stores. The taste is very chocolaty and milky. Kids from around 2 to 13 would find this product delicious – good with milk and by itself -- yum. I would buy this product, of course, and so will many other people. New mothers might like it for their children.Noah Bearman, 7th grade:The taste is almost what you expect, but it is too creamy. There is a little too much cream filling. Also, it is very flimsy as well as too flaky. I think cereal straws in general are not very functional, but I think these are very appealing for kids 6 to 10.Lexi Mcowen, 7th grade:When I saw the package, I assumed the Oreo Fun Stix would taste just like an Oreo. To me, it tastes like sugar, but a pleasant sugar. On the packaging, there was a silly joke that would only appeal to young children. There is more crème filling in these than there would be in a normal Oreo, so they are less crunchy. Overall, I would say this product would be good for children because of the sugary taste and childish humor on the package.Maddie Pope, 7th grade:The packaging looks appealing for kids who love Oreos and kids who love milk. It tastes very good and feels good and breaks nicely in your mouth. I think many would use it as a kids snack, and it's great if you like dipping your Oreos in milk.Mikey Barrett, 7th grade:A tube-like package coats this delicious treat. When I first gave a glance, it looked appetizing. It is something that would look appealing to kids. The cookie has a nice crunch in your mouth. This is something that people will keep on eating. It'll be a hit, I promise.Cece Martin, 7th grade:The packaging is appropriate for the food that it contains. It has a picture of the Oreo Stix on the front, but in reality, the Oreo color is darker. Just from looking at the actual Oreo stick, it looks like it has a hole, but when you pick it up it is smooth. I think that we already have a product like this at the stores, and it is not needed. But they are very handy. I don't think that anyone would buy this.Aoife Burke, 7th grade:The packaging says Oreo Fun Stix. I think the packaging should be a little more fun to represent it. When I first tasted it, I decided to compare it to my memory of the original Oreo. The Oreo Fun Stix has more white icing in each bite than the Original. Other than that, the Oreo Fun Six is pretty appetizing, but not as appetizing as the original Oreo.Maddy Behr, 7th grade:They taste really good, almost like regular Oreos but with more frosting. They are very sweet, so I think that they are probably targeting children, also with the name. If they are called Fun Stix, maybe the wrapper should be more fun. They made an attempt by putting a joke on them, but the problem is that's in small print and is hard to read.Sucheta Bandyopadhyay, 7th grade:The packaging is very easy to open; you just rip it through the end. The taste is very sweet and it's crispy and creamy at the same time. They are covered with crispy stuff and are crème-filled. It doesn't have a smell. A lot of people would need these for a small snack if they were a little hungry. Kids will definitely buy it.
Marty Leoni, 7th grade:
I think the Oreo Fun Stix are really good! They are like Oreos in a straw. They are creamy and chocolaty. I recommend them for children 3 to 15. They are low calorie (90 calories), and the packaging shows what they look like. They are really good and fun.Erica Gardner, 7th grade:The Oreo Stix are very easy to open. When I looked at the package, I thought they were going to be very good. When I took out the Stix, the texture was rough and when I tasted them, they crumbled right in my mouth. The smell is very good. I would definitely buy the Oreo Stix because they taste very good.Josh Wilson, 7th grade:The package is easy to open, but looks plain, not interesting. Oreo Fun Stix tastes like another company made it, because it doesn't taste like the original Oreos. They taste bland.Rae Killebrew, 7th grade:The packaging is a picture of two Oreo Stix – a good way to advertise. The taste is not as good as a regular Oreo. It has more of a flaky taste. The texture is hard but smooth. It smells a lot more chocolaty than it tastes, and needs to not be as flaky.

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