Food Biz Kids: Our Kids love Flavor Kickers

Feb. 26, 2010
According to our Junior High Tasters, General Mills' Fruit by the Foot Flavor Kickers are 'Needed in the world for junk food snacks!'
Fruit By the Foot Flavor Kickers – Berry Blast
General Mills, Minneapolis
Sucheta Bandyopadhyay, 7th gradeThe packaging of Fruit By the Foot Flavor Kickers is very easy to open. You just tear the middle of the package and unroll the roll. The taste is fruity, kind of like blueberry and strawberry mixed. Its color is mostly blue with streaks of red. The shape is rectangular but really thin. The smell is blueberry-like and very fruity. It's kind of chewy and sticks to your teeth, which turn blue. I think it's needed in the world for junk food snacks.
Product Tests
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Jack Loy, 7th gradeOn the package it says Berry Blast, and it is so true! You want to keep it in your mouth, but you can't help but swallow. The taste has an amazing aroma of berries and strawberries. I love the texture; it makes it fun to eat. The packaging is very colorful. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the snack for you.Daniela Flores, 7th gradeFlavor Kickers come in a little aluminum baggy that is really easy to open – even a 4-year-old could. This fruit rollup smells like fruit punch because it's made from different healthy fruits. It tastes like fruit punch gummies. It's sticky if you chew it. Someone that is addicted to candy needs this -- for example, little kids mainly, but everyone can like it. Anyone who is addicted to candy and gummies should buy this product.Nick Pigozzi, 7th gradeThe packaging is very appealing and would catch many eyes. It has bright neon green packaging, with a colorful picture of the product. The taste is just as great as the smell -- it is very strong, fruity and great tasting. This product would be a great snack and good to put in your lunch. I would highly recommend this product mostly to kids.Maddie Pope, 7th gradeThe packaging to this snack is easy to open and looks very appealing, especially to younger kids. The smell makes it even more mouthwatering. When you taste the fruit, it is almost as if it is healthy. It is sticky and melts on your tongue and the roof of your mouth. I think this is a great snack that any kid could lay out on the couch or read a book. It is a great buy that kids of all ages will love.Christian Stankovic, 7th gradeThis product has a very sweet taste and smell. The box looks very exciting, probably appealing to children. The smell is like a mixture of sweet and “flavory,” and the taste is like blue raspberry, but with some more fruity taste in the background. The texture is smooth and comfortable. I would definitely recommend this to kids and adults with a sweet tooth.Rae Killebrew, 7th gradeThe packaging looks nice; I like the graphics. It smells like a raspberry-blueberry taste. The texture is soft and slick, but more plastic than anything. The smell is like a grape smell. I would buy it at the right price. Cia Brooks, 7th gradeMy visual of the Fruit By the Foot package is that it is appealing and colorful. It is eye-catching for children to purchase at the store. The taste is delicious – not too sweet or sour. It doesn't need extra ingredients; it's perfect. It is very chewy and sticks to my teeth. The smell is blueberry and a tropical fruit flavor. The texture is soft and smooth. I think most parents would buy this for their children. Nick Giangreco, 7th gradeFlavor Kickers has a very good wrapper and is very appealing. This is a tasty treat that you'd often see in a lunch bag or an after-school snack. The texture is very soft and chewy. The smell is the same as a mixed berry fruit snack. Overall, I love it and would buy it.Blaise Filippini, 7th gradeThe packaging is easy to open and has good air cushion, but it should have individual nutrition facts. The texture is sticky and grainy. The flavors both taste the same – a sweet mixed berry flavor. I think parents would buy it for after-school snacks.Daphne Ambroise, 7th gradeI think Fruit By the Foot is more appealing to kids because of the multiple colors. Plus, it's known as candy, which attracts kids. It's very light and really easy to open. It smells like mixed fruits and tastes fruity. When you insert it into your mouth, it feels sort of stinky. While chewing it, it is smooth but sticks to your back teeth for a second. I don't think it needs anything, but I think kids would want to buy it rather than anyone else. I would recommend buying it, especially for people who like sugar.Juliette Shesgreen, 7th gradeFruit By the Foot is in a colorful package that is likeable by any person. When you first see it, you see the mix of colors and longness of the candy. The candy follows its name as Fruit By the Foot for its fruity flavor. Everybody who likes candy should try this one-of-a-kind product. When you first look at the box, you might ask, “Is it really worth buying since it is so small?” Of course, you should.  Reginal Murphy, 7th gradeThe packaging is OK. But I don't like the colors where the printing says “flavor kickers.” The taste is great but it all tasted the same. The smell is wonderful, and it smells like it tastes. It feels like a smooth shake going down your throat. This is definitely made for a kid – the taste and the packaging. Overall, I will buy them in the store.Michael Matthew, 7th gradeFlavor Kickers come in a colorful, attractive box. It smells very fruity and delicious. The only problem with the product is that it tastes the same as the original Fruit by the Foot. I would recommend this to someone who likes candy, along with the original Fruit By the Foot. Liliana Vasquez, 7h gradeThe packaging is pretty, and it's easy to open. The texture is sticky; it gets on your fingers. The taste is of all different kinds of fruit flavors. It also smells like fruit flavors and ‘fresh.' Kids like Fruit By the Foot because it's really good. I would buy it and young kids probably need it as like, some snack or goodie.Russell Snapp, 7th gradeThe new Fruit by the Foot Flavor Kickers are OK. The flavor tastes like it is rich in berries; it is called Berry Blast. It tastes very, very similar to the original Fruit By the Foot. The texture is exactly the same, and its chewy and sweet. I do not think this product is necessary. You might as well just get the original kind.Bella Castilla, 7th gradeI think Flavor Kickers packaging would appeal to kids. I like the packaging because the shiny green makes me want to eat it. I like the taste because it explodes in my mouth. I think it would be good for kids that bring a lunch for school. When I opened it, it had a very fruity smell.

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