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Food Biz Kids: Kashi TLC Cereal Bars - Baked Apple Spice

Aug. 31, 2009
Our 7th and 8th Graders say: Kashi LC Bars Strictly for Adults, adding they have 'Too much bread and not enough filling.'
Kashi TLC Cereal Bars
Baked Apple Spice
Kashi Co., La Jolla, Calif.

Jackie Kretchner, 7th grade:
The Kashi TLC Granola Bar is pretty good. The packaging is very easy to open, and the pictures and colors make it look very healthy. When I opened the packaging, it smelled pretty good. I liked the apple cinnamon flavor, and it tasted good for being healthy. I think the texture is fine, chewy and kind of grainy. I think that adults will like this because it is simple, but healthy. Kids usually like things with cool packaging and a lot of sugar, so I think that this snack is more for adults and possibly teenagers.

Zaria Sawyer, 7th grade:
The taste of Kashi TLC is pretty good, the feel of it is pretty soft, and the smell is catchy. The package is very appealing and easy to open. I think that more adults would buy the package or brand.

Chris Hernandez, 7th grade
The taste is very predictable by just looking at the package. This is just another similar-tasting health bar. The package is very appealing. This would be better for dieters with breathing room. The apple bar is very smooth feeling, but it has a very unusual aftertaste.

Rebecca Figlio, 7th grade:
The wrapping is attractive and sophisticated, and easy to open. It smells good, but the flavor is odd and slightly off center. The texture is soft and it would appeal to people who appreciate healthy eating: mostly adults.

John Wylie, 7th grade:
The bar tastes like bread with barely any apple flavor. It sticks to the roof and sides of your mouth. It smells like nasty apples, but obviously you can’t taste it. The wrapper is easy to open, but overall, I would say it appeals to college students who are on a diet and don’t want any fruit flavor.

Chris Emrich, 7th grade:
The TLC bar is ok; it tastes chewy and mushy. I don’t love it. It smells like Fabreze, but the packaging is good. I think children would like it.

Max Roberts, 7th grade:
I don’t think it tastes amazing. It needs more apple flavor and less bread. It feels like a Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain bar. It’s soft, but it smells horrible. The packaging is not good, but it’s easy to open. Adults would like it.

Marcus Johnson, 7th grade:
It is easy to open the package. The taste is delicious, but I think it is a little too much bread and not enough cinnamon.

David Figueredo, 7th grade:
I think it is good, but there is too much bread and not enough filling.

Ethan Friedman-Brauer, 7th grade:
This product is not that exciting. The taste of TLC is just boring, and you only taste bread and fake apple. It is a little too soft, and it sticks to my braces. It does not smell at all. The packaging is very simple, but the bar only takes up half of the package. I think that only old adults will like this – those who are in retirement.

Brandon Houston, 7th grade:
TLC Baked Apple Spice tastes like a Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain bar, only healthier for you. It sort of feels like a piece of old bread that no one uses at the bottom of the bag. It smells good, but sort of like cheap cologne by Ralph Lauren that no one would ever buy. The packaging is appealing, but it looks like it rolled out of an eco-friendly factory for tots! Teenagers and some adults would probably buy it.

Zach Kornick, 7th grade:
The packaging is easy to open and somewhat appealing. The smell is mediocre; you don’t know what to expect. Appearance is horrible. The taste isn’t bad, but I would only eat it if I had to.

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