Food Biz Kids: 100-Calorie Oreo Candy Bites

Oct. 9, 2008
Kids report the 100-calorie snacks are ‘Chocolaty, sweet, crunchy … but soft inside.’

Lindsay Toland, 8th grade:
The taste of this product is very interesting. Although it’s not at all healthy, Oreo Candy Bites have a nice, sweet, tangy taste to them that teens and children could enjoy. I wouldn’t have it for breakfast, but maybe as an afternoon snack. I really loved the smell of this product when I first opened the package, which really made me want to eat more.

Quincy Clegg, 8th grade:
The 100 Calorie Pack of Oreo Candy Bites tastes like chocolate malt balls. The product is crunchy on the inside and has a creamy outer shell. The bites smell like milk and white chocolate. The bag is really easy to open because of the ridges on the top. Since the product can satisfy a sugar craving while not being too unhealthy, people of any age would enjoy this product.

Emma Haynes, 8th grade:
Oreo Candy Bites taste sort of like malt balls, which I don’t particularly enjoy. The texture is sort of weird; it’s definitely some type of Oreo. The bag was very easy to open. I guess it would attract more kids within the elementary ages.

Emily Fishkin, 8th grade:
They are very sweet and fairly artificial tasting; I don’t particularly love that. They are very crunchy, but have a crispy cookie on the inside. They smell a little like plastic. The package was easy to open and OK-looking. Little kids would like these because little kids like sweet things, and they are definitely sweet.

Frank Stelter-Hogh, 8th grade:
100 Calorie Packs of Oreo Candy Bites taste creamy, but I don’t like them very much. They are smooth, hard and crunchy. There is the slight scent of Oreo cookies. They aren’t very appealing to me. All ages could use this product.

Ellie Kirk, 8th grade:
The taste of Oreo Candy Bites is like a salty malt ball. They have a dry, yet smooth texture. They smell artificial, but the packaging looks like it is natural. I don’t think anyone would like this product because it is disgusting.

Hannah Schwimmer, 8th grade:
The taste of these Oreo Candy Bites is amazing. They are a little dry, but overall good with a sweet taste. Very appealing packaging and easy to open. Package is a good size for a small snack, so you won’t fill up on it. Good for any age, especially teenagers.

Lydia Talavera, 8th grade:
The Oreo Candy Bites taste so chocolaty and sweet on the inside. Once you take a bite, it feels crunchy but kind of soft inside. It smells like an Oreo cookie. The packaging is not too amusing, but it is a little colorful. It is easy to open. This can be eaten by children, teens and adults.

Gillian McMurray, 8th grade:
This tastes just like an Oreo, but with maybe more flavor. Hard and round, they look like gumballs. They are crunchy and a bit dry and would be perfect with a nice, cold glass of milk. The taste definitely stays in your mouth. Anyone who loves Oreos would love these.

Ben Sommer, 8h grade:
No offense, but these are really nasty!

Julio Almanza, 8th grade:
These taste so good. They taste like Oreo cookies. Yes, I like it very much; they are my favorite. They feel rough and soft and crunchy, and smell like the cookie. No, it’s not hard to open. I think everybody should try them.

Vanessa Flores, 8th grade:
Oreo Candy Bites have a nice chocolaty crunch to them. They taste like the original cookies, and I like the crunchy part in the middle. They are smooth and hard, and smell like Oreos. They have an attractive bag that was easy to open. This is for everyone.

Everett Wood, 8th grade:
This Oreo product tastes very, very tasty just like a real Oreo. They have a crunchy outside and a soft core. It smells just like Oreo! Yes, I like the packaging and it is easy to open. I think I would buy it.

Marcus Wallace, 8th grade:
They taste like malted milk balls. I like them. They are hard and crunchy but smooth. They smell like Oreos. The package needs more color, but it’s easy to open. Everyone would use this product.
Josh Irving, 8th grade:
I love it; it tastes good. They are crunchy and smooth on the outside. They don’t have a smell. They are not hard to open. These are good for teenagers and adults.

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