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Rollout: April 2007's Best New Products

March 27, 2007
April's best new products include: a new energy drink from Anheuser-Busch; Boca Meatless Breakfast Wraps; Kraft Grate-It-Fresh Parmesan Cheese; fruit crisps and veggie crisps from Frito-Lay; Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls; and jerky made for ladies.

180 now turns red

St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch Inc. introduces 180 Red with Goji, a new energy drink with a refreshing, slightly sweet cherry taste balanced with subtle tartness.

Containing carbonated water, sucrose, goji berry juice, acerola juice, guarana for natural caffeine, vitamins B-6, B-12 and C and lychee natural flavor, 180 Red with Goji is available in 8.2- and 16-oz. cans. It's the fourth entry in the nonalcoholic 180 line.

Grown in Tibet, goji (pronounced go-gee) berries have high antioxidant levels, and are thought to increase energy and stimulate rejuvenation. Legend has it that the health benefits of the goji berry were an accidental discovery. Goji berries grew on a wall outside a famous Buddhist temple and fell into a nearby well. Frequent visitors to the temple who drank water from this well had good health. Gradually, the benefits were documented and spread among the nearby communities. As a result, goji berries have enjoyed a privileged place in Asian culture for thousands of years.

"Anheuser-Busch is the first major beverage company to launch an energy drink made with the exotic goji berry," says Andy Goeler, vice president of imports, crafts and specialty. "Not only does this give 180 Red its unique attributes, it also gives adults a great-tasting energy drink they can enjoy during active events or socially with friends. This unique combination will appeal to people who live a healthy lifestyle but don't want to sacrifice taste."

Suggested retail prices are 99 cents-$1.29 for 8 oz. and $1.99-2.29 for a 16-oz can.

Soy, what's new for breakfast?

To help busy and health-conscious Americans start the day off right, Boca Foods, Madison, Wis., introduces Boca Meatless Breakfast Wraps, with zero trans fats, a good source of fiber and iron, an excellent source of soy protein and 17g of whole grain per serving.

A convenient breakfast option that goes from freezer to microwave to table in about 5 minutes, they are available in two varieties: Original and Southwestern. Each whole-wheat tortilla wrap is filled with a hearty mix of egg whites, cheese and meatless sausage.

"It's important to start your day with a breakfast that offers several dietary benefits your body needs," says Jackie Newgent, registered dietitian, chef and author. "The new Boca Meatless Breakfast Wraps are a delicious, satisfying option for those looking to add nutrients to their breakfast meal."

Suggested retail price for a package of two wraps is $3.59.

Restaurant experience comes home

Parmesan cheese adds a distinctive and delicious topping for Caesar salad to pasta primavera and tomato bruschetta to deep dish pizza. Now you can give everyday meals that restaurant quality taste with Kraft Grate-It-Fresh Parmesan Cheese from the Glenview, Ill., office of Kraft Foods.

A convenient, first-of-its-kind block of fresh Parmesan cheese and grater in one, it's one of those "why didn't I think of that?" ideas that should resonate with consumers.  With just a few easy twists, consumers can top all types of dishes -- from salads and main dishes to appetizers and vegetables. The clockwise twisting motion keeps the cheese in place and ensures it is ready the next time you take it out of the refrigerator. It's easy and ready to use anytime, anywhere.

"Kraft Grate-It-Fresh is a simple way to bring the restaurant experience home," says Mia Hasegawa, brand manager of grated cheese. "It's a delicious way to top any meal without the hassle of pulling out your grater."

It's in the grocer's refrigerated dairy section. Suggested retail price for the 7-oz. size is $4.99.

Fruit and veggie crisps from Frito-Lay

Continuing its ongoing commitment to health and wellness, Plano, Texas-based Frito-Lay North America, a division of PepsiCo, introduces Flat Earth fruit crisps and veggie crisps.

Each 1-oz. serving of Flat Earth crisps contains a half serving of fruits or vegetables. They are available in six flavors: Farmland Cheddar, Garlic & Herb Field, Tangy Tomato Ranch, Wild Berry Patch, Apple Cinnamon Grove and Peach Mango Paradise.

Why Flat Earth? People once believed the world was flat, until someone set course to prove otherwise. Frito-Lay believes it can change conventional thinking by creating convenient, great-tasting snack crisps made with real fruits and vegetables.

This idea led to the development of the Flat Earth brand and its whimsical icon -- the Flying Pig, a fitting symbol for a snack that was once thought impossible ("when pigs fly…").

Suggested retail price for a 6-oz. package is $2.99.

Breakfast in a bowl

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so Sara Lee Corp., Downers Grove, Ill., makes it more convenient to prepare with the roll out of Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls, which come in a microwave-ready bowl that can be prepared in 2-3 minutes.

Available in the frozen section, Breakfast Bowls come in three varieties: Sausage & Egg (real scrambled eggs, diced russet potatoes, Jimmy Dean sausage and cheddar cheese); Bacon & Egg (scrambled eggs, diced russet potatoes, Jimmy Dean bacon and cheddar cheese); and Pancakes & Sausage Links (pancakes, Jimmy Dean sausage links and syrup).

"Our Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls have everything you love for breakfast in a quick and convenient package, without any mess or dirty dishes," says Jim Ruehlmann, vice president, Jimmy Dean.

Suggested retail price is $2.99.

Jerky for ladies

Although jerky is traditionally considered a man's snack, Minong, Wis.-based Jack Link's, a leader in the $2+ billion meat snack category, finds females are quickly becoming key consumers of the snack. So they've added some softer textures, bite-sized pieces and sweet and savory flavors.

Varieties include: Maple & Brown Sugar Ham Jerky and Maple & Brown Sugar Pork Tender Cuts. Jack Link's marinade -- maple with just a hint of brown sugar -- is blended with lean strips of ham and packaged in 3.65-oz. resealable packages, making them a handy choice for the morning commute. Pepperoni Beef Jerky is 97 percent fat-free and is available in convenient grab-and-go 3.65-oz. packages for a snack any time. X-Sticks Beef Jerky is made from genuine beef formed into seasoned, protein-filled strips in .68-oz. packages.

"Adults and moms recognize the strong, healthful attributes of meat snacks as compared to other popular snacks," notes Bret Ocholik, vice president of marketing. "Our satisfying new snacks are high in protein yet low in carbs, calories and fat."

Suggested retail price is $5.42 for the bagged products and $1 for X- Sticks.

Magical and nutritious breakfast

Only one in 10 kids gets the recommended daily serving of whole grain and only four in 10 kids get the recommended amount of calcium in their diets, so a breakfast of cereal and milk can help.

Minneapolis-based General Mills and Disney Consumer Products introduce three new Big G cereals: Disney's Little Einsteins Fruity Stars, Disney's Princess Fairytale Flakes (lightly sweetened, crispy pink corn flakes) and Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Berry Crunch, a lightly sweetened, fruit-flavored cereal. All are good sources of whole grains (8g), calcium (10 percent DV) and vitamin D,  and all meet Disney's food guidelines, including limiting the amount of calories, fat, saturated fat and sugar for ready-to-eat cereals.

Suggested retail price for each magical variety is $1.99.

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