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New Food & Beverage Product Rollout: February 2023

Feb. 9, 2023
Our editors selected the following food and beverage products to feature in our February 2023 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.
A Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream Celebration

Unilever North America  is introducing seven Reese’s branded frozen dairy desserts. The single-serve novelties come in a variety of forms. Crispy wafer cones are filled with creamy peanut butter frozen dairy dessert and drizzled with a chocolate-flavored coating. Other cones are filled with a peanut butter-swirled chocolate frozen dairy dessert topped with a chocolatey drizzle. The bar is peanut butter frozen dairy dessert blended with peanut butter sauce and covered in a milk chocolatey coating and cake crumbs, while the sandwich novelty features a peanut butter frozen dairy dessert filling with a peanut butter swirl packed between two chocolate wafers.

For those who prefer to eat with a spoon, the single-serve dessert cup is a frozen take on the iconic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, featuring a peanut butter frozen dairy dessert blended with peanut butter swirl and covered in a milk chocolatey coating. Two multi-serve options are available: peanut butter light ice cream with chunks of peanut butter cups and a peanut butter swirl and vanilla light ice cream with Reese’s mini pieces candy and a peanut butter swirl. The new Reese’s frozen treats line is the latest addition to Unilever Ice Cream’s expanding portfolio and partnership with Hershey Co.

Small Farm Ready-to-Cook Chicken

Farmer Focus, a USDA organic and Humane Certified chicken company with a mission to promote and protect generational family farms, kicked off the New Year by adding three products to its pre-seasoned fresh chicken line. The new offerings are Black Garlic and Ginger Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs, Caribbean Jerk Seasoned Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast and Honey Jalapeño Chicken Party Wings. All products are gluten free and contain low to no sugar.

Citing IRI data from Jan. 1, Farmer Focus claims to be the fastest-growing organic chicken brand in grocery stores in 2022 and the overall No. 2 organic chicken brand. The company recently expanded to Acme grocery stores across the mid-Atlantic region and is now distributed in more than 4,000 stores. To meet consumer demand, the company expanded its family of farmers by 20% in 2022, and currently has 78 family farmers, with more than 130 more on the waiting list. The company was recognized by the White House in January 2022, when CEO Corwin Heatwole was invited to discuss competition in the meat industry. During this conversation, he advocated for independent farmers and explained how Farmer Focus is creating a new and equitable business model for the poultry industry.

Plant Creamer Brand Adds Dairy

Honest to Goodness, a line of globally inspired creamers from Danone North America, has expanded beyond its original line of plant-based offerings to introduce two dairy options: Chantilly Cream and Sri Lankan Cinnamon Brown Sugar. The two new flavors, in addition to the brand’s plant-based creamers--Madagascan Vanilla Bean and Himalayan Salted Caramelare now available nationwide.

Honest to Goodness aims to deliver an elevated at-home coffee experience. The brand is on a journey to support reforestation efforts and uplifting communities where it sources its key ingredients. The rollout includes motivational videos—the Morning Mantra Series—that transports viewers directly to these location to educate them about how purchasing Honest to Goodness makes a difference in someone’s life.

Top-Shelf Charcuterie from Italy

Rovagnati is launching the Paolo Rovagnati Black Label Line of high-quality salumi products. Produced in Italy and sliced in the U.S., the range offers something for everyone. For salami enthusiasts, there’s classic Salame Milano with a delicate flavor and unique spice blend, or the peppery and smoky flavor of the lean Salame Napoli. Those interested in something a bit more intense can try the Hot Soppressata, which also happens to be Italy’s most sought-after salami.

Others who may be seeking a more familiar flavor may opt for the Classic Mortadella, a traditional cut of pork shoulder and throat that is most often recognized by its bright pink color and pearly white spots. For fans of prosciutto, there are two options: Prosciutto Crudo and Prosciutto Cotto Classic. The former, known in Italy as “Gran Milano,” is a dry-cured ham crafted with a mere three ingredients: meat, salt and time. The latter, known as “Gran Biscotto,” is Rovagnati’s most beloved cooked ham in Italy and is made from fresh pork thighs worked by hand and slowly oven steamed.

Cleaner Plant Protein Bars

Better-for-you baked goods manufacturer Bobo’s expands its lineup with two protein bars: chocolate chip peanut butter and double chocolate almond butter. Each 2.2-oz. bar is packed with 15g of protein from peanuts or almonds, pea protein and other wholesome ingredients. They are naturally sweetened with dates and honey, without any artificial sweeteners or sugars. The bars are also verified non-GMO, certified gluten-free and kosher. A 12-pack sells for $29.88. The bars are baked in Bobo’s new 123,000-sq.-ft. wind-powered facility in Loveland, Colo., which was recently built to triple output while reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

“We all know that protein bars aren’t very tasty and are packed with sugar alcohols, artificial flavors and inflammatory oils,” says TJ McIntyre, CEO at Bobo’s. “By following Bobo’s ‘real-food’ philosophy, we knew we could create a nutritious, better-tasting protein bar simply by sticking to clean ingredients and avoiding over-engineered additives. We gathered consumer feedback until we achieved a two-times taste preference over other key protein bar brands.”

It’s Peeps Time

The No. 1 non-chocolate Easter candy brand Peeps is rolling out a basket of new marshmallow treats to celebrate its 70th anniversary. Produced by third-generation, family-owned Just Born Quality Confections, the brand is putting a fruity and flavorful spin on its popular Marshmallow Chick pop by joining forces with Just Born’s Mike and Ike brand to offer a treat that includes a lemon, lime, orange and strawberry flavored chick-on-a-stick.

For the first time, Peeps Chicks are now available in a Dr Pepper flavor (exclusive to Walmart) and a kettle corn flavor (available only at Kroger-owned stores). The brand is also bringing back its 2021 collaboration with PepsiCo, in which Pepsi cola flavor is layered with the marshmallow flavor of Peeps. The original debut was in 7.5-oz. cans in bright yellow, pink and blue colors. For 2023, the mini-cans are only colored yellow. There’s also a 20-oz. plastic bottle option.

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