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Rollout! New Food Products June 2024

June 21, 2024
Post's new cereals, Brownie Brittle with Red, White & Blue M&M’s, Prego Creamy Pesto, RollinGreens' on-the-go meals, Fage's indulgent single-serve cups, Mike’s Hot Honey and Kellanova's crisps.

Sweetening Up Summer Mornings

Post Consumer Brands is bringing some summer fun to the breakfast table with the launch of three new cereals and two size extensions.

Fruity Pebbles Waffles is a mash-up of two fan-favorites: Fruity Pebbles and Waffle Crisp. The waffle-shaped cereal pieces have notes of maple syrup and contain colorful specks of fruit bursts. Summer Fruity Pebbles is the namesake “pebbles” cereal pieces combined with patriotic red and blue flakes. The final new limited-edition cereal is Frosted Chocolate Cake. Designed to resemble a layered cake, these square cereal pieces are loaded with chocolate chips.

The brand is also now offering “large” (15-oz.) and “giant” (23-oz.) sizes of some of its most popular Pebbles branded products.

Patriotic Crunchy Snack

Second Nature Brands has teamed up with Mars to offer limited-edition Brownie Brittle Red, White & Blue M&M’s Mix. This is the third collaboration between the brands, with M&M’s Minis being featured in all-year-long offerings of chocolate and blondie Brownie Brittle.

With all three varieties, the thin, light and crispy Brownie Brittle is generously covered with M&M’s. The brittle can be enjoyed alone or crumbled as a topping over ice cream, yogurt and more, with the brittle crunching while the candies “melt in your mouth, not in your hands.” The candy mashups are only 120-130 calories per 1-oz. serving and are sold in 4-oz. bags.

Last year, Second Nature Brands teamed up with Hershey Co. to offer Brownie Brittle Reese’s Pieces and Brownie Brittle Heath English Toffee Crunch.

“Our aim in crafting Brownie Brittle Red, White and Blue M&M's Mix was to merge the rich, chocolatey goodness of our crispy brownie treats with the vivid colors and flavor of M&M’s, offering a deliciously sweet snack tailored for summertime enjoyment,” said Sean Kristl, senior brand manager at Second Nature Brands.

Making Pesto More Approachable

Prego Sauces & Recipes | Prego Sauces (

All-new Prego Creamy Pesto sauces from Campbell Soup Co. are bringing more variety to the Italian sauce aisle dominated by red sauces. They are a pourable solution to the classic kitchen question of “what should I cook with pesto?” Made with fresh cream, the shelf-stable sauces combine the creaminess of Alfredo with the bright, herby taste of pesto and come in basil, roasted garlic and parmesan varieties. Serving suggestions say they may be paired with classic spaghetti and ravioli, as well as used to enhance vegetables, pizza, poultry, seafood, sandwiches and more.

“Pesto is seeing the largest amount of growth within the Italian sauce category and yet is the smallest segment,” says Caitlin Votava, director of marketing at Prego. “We’ve seen that everyone is craving more meal inspiration with new flavors, so we created these sauces with a vision to elevate more than just pasta, while keeping weeknight dinners easy and flavorful.”

Plant Protein-Packed Bowls

RollinGreens is launching Plant-Powered Meal Bowls, four on-the-go meals that deliver a powerful punch of protein in a convenient heat-and-eat package. Each shelf-stable bowl includes the company’s proprietary beef-style or chicken-style dried protein pellets. The consumer just adds water and microwaves for three minutes. They are certified gluten free, soy free, non-GMO and kosher, as is standard with all RollinGreens products.
Varieties include chili, which is the most protein-packed (23g) of the bunch thanks to RollinGreens M’EAT and black beans. The same plant protein is used in the Mexican bowl, which also contains rice, bell peppers, onion, garlic and classic seasonings. This bowl, and the two chicken-style varieties--teriyaki and stir fry—contains 16g of protein. These are loaded with vegetables and served with rice.

Indulgence in the Yogurt Department

The refrigerated yogurt department has been seeing a number of brands offering more indulgent single-serve cups. This is achieved through higher milkfat content and dessert-inspired flavors. Sometimes they are labeled yogurt, a federally regulated name, while other times they have novel descriptions, such as the new Cultured Cream Dessert line from Fage.

The 4.4-oz. cups come in six ultra-rich varieties. They are: Banana Cream, Coconut Cream, Lemon Meringue, Peach Cobbler, Stracciatella and Sweet Vanilla. The desserts are 100% natural and non-GMO certified, with each cup containing 210-230 calories, 13-15g of fat, 17-19g of sugar and 4g of protein.

Buttery, ‘Swicy’ Cracker Collaboration

Sweet and spicy snacking is having a moment. Leaning in on this buzzing duo, Kellanova has teamed up with Mike’s Hot Honey to offer a limited-edition “swicy” version of Club Crisps. With a light, buttery base, each crisp is flavored with Mike’s 100% pure honey infused with chili peppers.

The new offering comes in a 7.1-oz. bag and has a suggested retail price of $3.99. This sweet-heat offering comes on the heels of the brand’s first Club Crackers collaboration last summer with JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay-infused Club Minis.

The Club Crisps lineup now includes Sea Salt, Ranch, Sour Cream & Onion and Sweet & Salty. Kellanova’s Pringles brand also has a new hot flavor: Minecraft Spicy TNT. The flavor was developed to celebrate the gaming powerhouse’s 15th anniversary.

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