Three Funky Product Names at the Sweets & Snacks Expo

June 7, 2014
Perky Jerky, Hornie Corn Popcorn, Ricky's Lucky Nuts

Candies and snacks have a rich history of cute names. Here are three we found amusing at the Sweets & Snacks Expo May 20-22 in Chicago. In all cases, the product name and company name are the same:

+ Perky Jerky – Not a new product this year, what puts the perk in this jerky is guarana – although company officials said they could make no claims about guarana's physiological effects. There are four flavors each in beef and turkey.

+ Hornie Corn Popcorn – The company itself describes the product as "seasoned popcorn with an offensive flavor and addictive nature."

+ Ricky's Lucky Nuts – Uniquely seasoned peanuts in spicy chili chipotle, black pepper & sea salt, sweet chai, real coffee and Thai red curry. "A nut like no other" is the company motto. No doubt.

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