Oatmeal in a K-Cup?

April 16, 2014
General Mills rumored to debut a Nature Valley product for the Keurig machine.

Several news outlets report General Mills Inc. is about to launch – only on Amazon.com – Nature Valley brand oatmeal that can be cooked with a Keurig coffee-making machine.

Nature Valley Bistro Cups Oatmeal includes a packet of oatmeal, a packet of fruits and/or nuts and flavors – only the last of which is delivered via the K-cup capsule. Apparently, consumers will pour the oatmeal, fruits and nuts into a cup and insert the flavor pod into the Keurig machine, which will dispense hot water flavored via the flavor packet.

A General Mills vice president was quoted as saying Keurig owners already use the machine to quickly heat water for instant oatmeal, and it also might be safer for children making their own oatmeal.

Recall that Campbell Soup promised similar soup packets that are supposed to debut this year.

Interesting, too, is that General Mills, despite being deep into cereals, has no oatmeal in its portfolio ... although that is rumored to change this year.

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