ConAgra offers Golden answer to seniors seeking nutritious meals

Jan. 24, 2005
Many mature adults find it hard to get nutritious, good-tasting meals. Golden Cuisine to the rescue -- if you shop online or live near selected Florida Costco stores, that is.

While most mature adults ages 55 or older (88 percent) consider themselves "active" and on-the-go and well understand the importance of eating nutritionally to stay that way (97 percent) many continue to face significant obstacles to getting the nutritious, good-tasting meals they want and need, according to a new survey.

Results of an omnibus survey1, conducted for ConAgra Foods Inc.'s Golden Cuisine line of affordable and nutritious meals for mature adults, point to the hurdles many are facing in getting nutritious meals.

Mature adults who responded to the survey cited the following as among their most important challenges to getting nutritious meals:

  • Hard to find the time to plan, shop and prepare nutritious meals. (35 percent)
  • Hard to find a convenient place to buy nutritious foods at a good price. (32 percent)
  • The hassle of preparing nutritious meals just for one or two people. (32 percent)
  • Hard to know what nutrients you need as a mature adult. (23 percent)
  • Not sure their family, friend or caregiver always knows what to provide them for a nutritious meal. (12 percent)

"Numerous studies show mature adults eat less and sometimes miss meals, so it's essential that they eat nutrient-rich foods," said Russell Bragg, senior vice president with ConAgra Foods and president of "That's why convenient and affordable meal options like Golden Cuisine are important. They provide the specific nutrition and caloric energy that active mature adults need to maintain good health without compromising on taste."

The survey also revealed that:

  • 97 percent say nutrition is a "very" or "somewhat" important factor when choosing their meals.
  • 96 percent of mature adults cite taste as "very" or "somewhat" important in meal selection.
  • 85 percent consider price "very" or "somewhat" important when choosing their meals.
  • 81 percent list convenience as "very" or "somewhat" important when selecting meals.
  • 75 percent of respondents say they do their own shopping, while 20 percent have a spouse or partner who handles the shopping.

Golden Cuisine, which serves the growing market of 58 million Americans ages 55 and older, is available by ordering via the Internet at, and, as well as through meal service organizations like Meals On Wheels Association of America. In Florida, Golden Cuisine is now also available for purchase at the retail level by Costco members from Costco outlets statewide.

Formulated by leading dietary and geriatric specialists, the Golden Cuisine line comprises meals that meet government standards for mature adult nutrition, while providing proper vitamins and minerals for sound nutritional health. The nutritionally balanced and flavorful frozen meals contain three ounces of cooked protein, one serving of starch and two one-half cup servings of vegetables. Nutritional information and simple preparation instructions on the packages are in large black print for easy reading and meals can be heated in a microwave or a conventional oven.

The meal ingredients originate from the varied and familiar product lines of ConAgra Foods, including such popular brands as Butterball, Healthy Choice and Armour. Meals options include a variety of chicken, beef, pork, pasta and seafood dishes. At 15 meal varieties are available at a time with prices ranging from $3.79 to $4.70, not including shipping charges. Prices at other online retailers vary. At Costco locations in Florida, the meals are available in a five-pack at a suggested retail price of $9.69.

Golden Cuisine has gained several national charitable senior-service organizations as supply partners, including Meals On Wheels and other businesses such as: MedAssets, which offers revenue and supply chain solutions for health systems and facilities; and Coordinated Care Solutions-CareGuide, which provides professional elder care consultation, care planning and management, as well as a care-manager network accessible to nearly one million employees across the United States. These and other organizations worked closely with ConAgra Foods to develop the Golden Cuisine program, and continue their involvement in a number of ways, including providing online ordering access for Golden Cuisine meals at and

1These results are based on a nationwide phone survey of 361 people ages 55+ and conducted by Ipsos U.S. Express on behalf of Golden Cuisine. The margin of error is +/- 3 percent.

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