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Coca-Cola Spiced: First Permanent Coke Addition in Three Years

Feb. 8, 2024
The new Coke is an effort to woo younger consumers, who are interested in more beverage flavors than just plain cola.

At first glance, it’s just another new flavor in the carbonated beverage category. But Coca-Cola Spiced is garnering attention because it’s the first new permanent flavor in the Coke lineup in three years.

It may be called Spiced but doesn’t have much heat; it does have a hint of raspberry. Like all its formulas, Coca-Cola is not specifying the ingredients, others than those necessary for the contents and Nutrition Facts panels. It comes in both a regular caloric version and a Zero Sugar.

It is seen as an effort to woo younger consumers, who seem interested in more beverage flavors than just plain cola. To that end, in 2002 the company launched Coca-Cola Creations, a series of limited-run Coke-based flavors with hints of coconut, strawberry, watermelon and other flavors.

“If you go to the aisles, you’ll see the amount of spiciness has gone up because consumers’ taste palettes have evolved,” Coca-Cola’s North American marketing chief Shakir Moin told The Associated Press. “We realized that could be an opportunity for us. Can we dial up something which is already part of our formula and bring in a taste profile that is interesting, unique and brings in the next generation of consumers?”

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