Tombstone Adds Unique Twist to Frozen Pizza with Two New Introductions

June 22, 2015
Tombstone adds a unique twist on frozen pizza with two limited-edition pizza flavors — Bratwurst and Diablo.

Tombstone, a Nestlé brand, is helping families switch up the dinner menu with a unique twist on frozen pizza. Two limited-edition pizza flavors — Bratwurst and Diablo — are now available in select grocery stores nationwide. Bratwurst features slices of premium bratwurst, green bell peppers, onions, a blend of Wisconsin cheddar and mozzarella cheeses and a zesty tomato sauce with a hint of spicy brown mustard. Diablo turns up the heat with its spicy chorizo, fiery sriracha sauce, jalapenos and sweet red peppers, all topped with Wisconsin mozzarella.

“At Tombstone, we want dinner to be easy to pull together and focused on fun so your family can enjoy spending time together,” says Mohini Joshi, director of marketing for Nestlé Pizza. “These bold and unique new flavors were created with fun in mind, so you can spend less time prepping your meal and more time enjoying it.”

The new pizza varieties feature a preservative-free crust and no artificial flavors. They bake up hot at home in just 17-19 minutes. The suggested retail price is $4.99.