Arla Foods amba

Dec. 15, 2004
Food that's out of this world
European dairy conglomerate Arla International has fourteen products from milk that are out of this world. The products, designed to provide astronauts with their daily dairy needs, include a yogurt with a very long shelf life and a form of condensed whole milk that is solid, chewy, and manufactured in small spheres called Milk Bites. "They look like beach balls for mice," explains Mark Kane, managing editor of the NASA Food Technology Commercial Space Center at Iowa State University in Ames.“The Milk Bites are fortified with extra calcium and come in chocolate mint, chocolate caramel, and vanilla flavors. The yogurt also comes in fruit flavors such as blueberry and apricot.” Arla also developed powdered yogurts and powdered whole milk. All the products are pathogen-free and need no refrigeration. “Best of all,” notes Kane, “these products have a shelf life of up to two years with no degradation of flavor.” The center supports research and commercialization of space foods and space food technologies, working with 26 partners at universities and corporations. The web site is