Process Expo To Offer Free Educational Sessions

Aug. 18, 2011
The food processing trade show taking place in Chicago November 1-4 Includes a full day of Spanish language sessions in addition to its full line-up of educational programming.

Designed to address critical issues in the food and beverage industry, the educational sessions at Process Expo provide a wide array of manufacturing solutions for participants from some of the industry’s top experts.  A comprehensive curriculum of free presentations is scheduled for all four days of the show. 

Find the complete list of sessions at

Below is a sampling of the topics that will be discussed:

Totally Integrated Automation
Manufacturing and Supply Chain data need to be converted into accurate and actionable information and put into the hands of key operators/employees who can efficiently execute the proper controlling actions. This approach connects the enterprise from the shop floor to the C-Suite with reliability and robustness that ensures sustainable operations.

Food Safety in Beef: focus on E.coli O157:H7 and other non-O157 STEC’s
This workshop will cover the following topics: current best practices in all aspects of beef production and processing; current challenges in controlling these pathogens in beef products; current initiatives at USDA relating to E.coli; and, what’s ahead for E.coli control based on current research and knowledge.

Better, Faster, Cheaper…Can you have all three?
The majority of meat processors have automated most of the processes, from slicing or forming to cooking to packaging. Imaging technology, in particular, is making it possible to take the human factor out of more parts of the equation, despite the fact that the raw material varies so widely in shape, size, density and weight. The next dimension in process automation in the meat industry is to fully integrate these islands of information, connecting the entire production line from intake to shipping.  A panel of operations experts will discuss the idea of beginning-to-end process automation, its promise, its current reality and next steps in the process.

Food Safety and Brand Protection Through Technology
Brand protection and food safety go hand-in-hand. Technology can help manufacturers improve compliance and lead the marketplace while reducing costs. Technology also helps manufacturers and consumers successfully navigate the new regulations while building increased product value. The presentation will include a white paper, tech demos, and success stories.

Process Expo  exhibitors will also deliver a series of short technical workshops throughout the day on the show floor, covering a wide variety of topics of interest to food processors.

Spanish Language Sessions

On October 31st, the day before the show opens, a full day of sessions presented in Spanish will be dedicated entirely to Process Expo's attendees from Latin America.  A sample of these sessions includes:

How to Improve Food Processing Plants Efficiencies by Focusing on Unconventional Areas
When it comes to improving plant efficiencies, the typical focus for improvement is on the major areas of the production line, such as thermal processors and packaging lines. However, looking at unconventional areas of the plant can lead to dramatic cost savings and improved product quality. One key area for improvement that is often overlooked by companies is the blending and mixing process. Having the right mixing technology can improve uptime, product consistency, reduce functional ingredient amounts and cut down on product losses, leading to a cheaper, better and faster process.

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