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Equipment Round Up August 2008: Flow and Level Measurement

July 31, 2008
Food Processing showcases a variety of flowmeters & level measurement products

Electromagnetic flowmeters

The FXE4000 series electromagnetic flowmeters are specifically designed for sanitary applications in the food, pharmaceutical, beverage and biotech industries. They meet 3A and EHEDG standards and have FDA-approved materials for product contact surfaces, including a non-toxic, non-absorbent fluoropolymer liner and stainless steel electrodes, process fittings, flow tube and tube adapter. They can be cleaned and sterilized in place without disassembly and they have no cracks, crevices or surface imperfections, permitting smooth transitions and self-draining capabilities. Some advantages of magnetic flowmeters include: no moving parts, no pressure loss and bidirectional flow measurements and installation in any orientation.

ABB Instrumentation; Warminster, Pa. 215-674-6580; www.abb.com

Accurate ultrasonic flowmeter

The Innova-Sonic In-Line Model 206 is a digital correlation transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter that is designed to give customers an alternative choice for typical liquid magnetic-meter applications where high performance and affordability are important. Its ±0.5 percent reading accuracy is on par with any magnetic flowmeter, but its ability to measure down to zero flow in virtually any clean liquid, regardless of conductivity, sets it apart.

Sierra Instruments; Monterey, Calif. 800-866-0200; www.sierrainstruments.com

Fast level sensor

By combining the functionality of both the level and the linear position product areas, the LLH magnetostrictive level sensor has the benefits of various sensor families in one package. The sensors provide fast response, a variety of output options and a design that meets sanitary specifications for the food and beverage industry. Accuracy, repeatability and reliability of the magnetostrictive measurement, based on patented technology, are its foundations. They also provide remote programming and diagnostic capabilities, via serial communication over standard cabling, to simplify commissioning and troubleshooting.

MTS Sensors Group; Cary, N.C. 919-677-2332; www.mtssensors.com

Level measurement products

The new line of level measurement products includes sensors for liquids and bulk solids, switches and level indicators. The products are engineered for a variety of process industries from food and chemicals to grain silos, machine oil reservoirs and high-accuracy level monitoring. The products are supplied in a wide variety of material constructions to suit virtually any industry specification and are offered with compatible ball, canister, miniature and multi-level floats; broken finger, bulk material and miniature switches; suction pipes with built-in near-empty switches and a wide variety of custom options.

Elobau Sensor Technology Inc.; Lake Bluff, Ill. 847-615-0989; www.elobau-st.com

Multiple frequency sonar meters

All existing sonar transmitter technologies use only one sonar transducer frequency and are limited as to where they can be successfully employed. The ORCA Sonar Series’ third generation, however, offers seven different sonar transducer frequencies. This enables users to select the appropriate frequency according to the density of the interface that is being controlled and monitored. Rather than reflecting small signals of 300 millivolts off the desired density interface, the ORCA range reflects signals as large as 2,500 millivolts because of its optimization of the sonar transducer frequency. The transmitter also controls a range of scum cleaners that are a necessity to its performance warranty.

Hawk Measurement Systems; Melbourne, Australia +613-9873-4750; www.hawk.com

Small pipe meters

The Saddle Turbine Series of insertion-style turbine flowmeters provides a turbine meter insertion design for liquids that can be installed in small metal, composite or plastic piping. The meters are suitable for 2-, 3- and 4-inch line sizes and are interchangeable among these sizes. The series provides an economical insertion-style meter for smaller pipe diameters and addresses applications in the HVAC market and the physical industry, as well as hot and cold water applications. This series covers flow ranges from 25 GPM to 1650 GPM and provides linearity of ±2 percent better.

Hoffer Flow Controls; Elizabeth City, N.C. 800-628-4584; www.hofferflow.com

Controlling the batch

Batchcontrol electromagnetic flowmeters mark the third generation of filling control systems. In second-generation systems, the batch-control function was performed by an external computer that was shared by multiple filling stations. Now, the batch-control function resides locally within each flowmeter, allowing the flowmeter to directly controll and monitor the filling process at its own filling station, thanks to the availability of smaller and more powerful microprocessors.

Krohne Inc.; Peabody, Mass. 800-356-9464; www.krohne.com

Hygienic Coriolis flowmeters

H-Series two-inch and three-inch hygienic Coriolis flowmeters are designed for CIP (clean-in-place) and WFI (water-for-injectibles) applications. They’re available in five sizes: 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, one-inch, and the new two and three-inch models. They accommodate mass flows up to 10,000 lb/min (272,000 kg/hr) for applications such as CIP systems requiring compatibility with caustic cleaning solutions; viscous fluids such as corn syrup, meat slurries, starches, and confectionaries; skids with space constraints; dairy processing; edible fats and oils; and high purity utility loops (WFI). The flowmeters meet 3A authorization and ASME Bio-Processing Equipment Standards requirements. All sizes through the two-inch model also have EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group) certification. Electropolish finish is available on one-inch and smaller units.

Emerson Process Management/MicroMotion; Boulder, Colo. 303-527-5200; www.emersonprocess.com/micromotion

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