Electrical Connectors Withstand Harsh Environments

Sept. 17, 2007
A carton and plastic packaging systems manufacturer and a packaging machinery manufacturer each had various problems with the electrical connectors they were using. Learn how they improved operations by changing connnectors.

CASE STUDY #1: Malleable iron connectors corroding in washdowns

The challenge

The Mich., United States headquarters for a global manufacturer of high-quality carton and plastic-based packaging systems was using malleable iron cord connectors on their high-speed filling and packaging systems for juice manufacturers. This company's customers used acidic products to clean the machines that filled cartons with juice, and the iron connectors on these machines were corroding due to the chemicals in the cleaning agents. The goal for this manufacturer was to find another type of connector that would be as rugged as possible and not corrode or deteriorate in washdowns. With this change in components they also wanted to provide their customers with a better quality product and package in terms of hygiene and safety.

The solution

In discussions with their local electrical distributor, this manufacturer was introduced to the line of stainless steel cord and cable connectors from Remke Industries of Wheeling, Ill. Unaware that these type of connectors were available in the United States in stainless steel, the manufacturer informed Remke that the design of their equipment would require more than one type of cable to feed through the connector at any given time. Remke demonstrated their line of multiple hole bushings (that were available as a standard item) in a variety of sizes -- all of which could be used with their Tuff-Seal stainless steel cord connectors. The manufacturer was also informed that these were all standard items at Remke that were in-stock.

The results

The manufacturer stated that Remke's stainless steel cord connectors "solved our problem." They were very pleased to be able to get a what they considered a more specialized product like stainless steel connectors at a standard turnaround time and competitive prices. This manufacturer became a Remke customer and has been for several years now. They have also purchased Dome-Cap non-metallic strain relief connectors from Remke for use where cable is not exposed to corrosives, such as with control panels in remote locations. This manufacturer keeps stock both at Remke and their local electrical distributor.

CASE STUDY #2: Micro connectors delivered without guaranteed stainless steel components

The challenge

A manufacturer of packaging machinery in a southern state bordering the Mississippi River was having problems with their micro-size molded connectors. They had purchased quick-disconnects from a supplier who assured them that their connectors had stainless steel coupling nuts. This was a critical component to the manufacturers as the molded connectors were used on their high-performance vertical form-feed-sealing bagger for a customer who placed these machines at the end of their processing line where finished chicken pieces are placed into a bag for shipment to the grocery store. The bagging machine is washed-down with tough chemicals and stainless-steel components were necessary to withstand the harsh environment. However, the molded connectors the manufacturer purchased did not have stainless steel coupling nuts as promised and this became a major issue for them.

The solution

The local Remke sales agent, who had worked previously with the manufacturer, introduced them to the line of Tuff-Link Industrial Interconnects from Remke Industries. He demonstrated the mini-size molded connectors with optional stainless-steel coupling nuts, and explained to them that the Remke connectors were also designed with gold-plated contacts for further corrosion-resistance. The manufacturer was relieved to see that stainless-steel coupling nuts were a standard option with Remke and could be produced for them in an acceptable timeframe.

The results

The manufacturer purchased several sets of Remke mini-connectors with stainless steel coupling nuts for their V/F/F/S bagger. They stated that they have been satisfied with the product, price and service provided by Remke.

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