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Equipment Round Up: April 2023

April 3, 2023
Our editors selected the following equipment to feature in our April 2023 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.
Wire processing 10x faster

Wiring in panel building and control manufacturing is time-consuming – taking up about 50% of the processing time. Speed up the assembly and wire processes while cutting costs and maintaining the same high quality – along with process streamlining and future flexibility in mind. The Wire Terminal WT C solves these challenges by offering flexible configuration, quick-change system for wires, process reliability, three wire output methods and a digitally supported process. The individually adaptable and expandable modular system structure of the WT C, in terms of both hardware and software, enables panel builders and control manufacturers to meet future requirements. Moreover, the payback period is only 2.5 years for 300 enclosures per year. Rittal North America 

Two new electric chain hoists

Two new lines of Mini Electric Chain Hoists were designed for use in medium- to heavy-duty industrial settings and any facility with limited space. The EM series three-phase mini electric chain hoists are available in 250-, 500- and 1000-pound capacities. The SEM series single-phase mini electric chain hoists are available in 500- and 1000-pound capacities. The standard configuration is top hook mount. These hoists have a compact and rugged die-cast aluminum body with no sharp edges and feature a high-performance motor brake, a unique chain guide designed to prevent chain tangling, completely sealed housing allowing for both indoor and outdoor use and nickel-plated load chain for corrosion resistance. Harrington Hoists

Flow wrap stacks of frozen burgers

Built for a 24/7 environment, the Sleek i65 inverted 65 horizontal wrapping machine can produce up to 60 packages per minute with a maximum web width of 25.5 in. (650mm). The film is fed from below the product and hard-to-handle products are securely carried on top of the packaging film from the former through to the cutting head. Sleek i65 is ideal for soft or sticky products, multipacks and other products that are difficult-to-push with the typical lug chain design found on conventional bottom seal flow wrappers. Valtara/Paxiom

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