Inpro/Seal Company Develops a Cost Justification Worksheet

May 5, 2009
Cost Justification Worksheet is available as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet on
Inpro/Seal Company has developed a Cost Justification Worksheet, a downloadable Excel module that quantifies the effectiveness of bearing isolators in rotating equipment. It should  prove of value to top management, engineering, operations, maintenance and other professionals involved in process plant maintenance, repair and operations.The worksheet allows plants to calculate their own ROI (return on investment) relative to the use of bearing isolators, including benchmarks of current repair costs and how to double the reliability of their own rotating equipment.End users merely fill out the number of pumps, number of motors and other pertinent performance data.  Once completed it also includes: accumulated savings; ROI; total investment; net return; data for life-cycle costing; the use of more efficient motors; net costs to run them more efficiently and more.An added benefit is the fact that benchmarking of bearing isolator performance has been compiled from thousands of actual bearing isolator applications on process pumps and industrial motors.

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