Breaded Products Fryer Increases Line Capacity Using Less Floor Space

July 13, 2011
Food processors can boost production of fried prepared foods using less floor space with Heat and Control's Breaded Products Fryer.
Heat and Control's Breaded Products Fryer fries coated and uncoated seafood, poultry, meats, vegetables and other prepared foods.  The equipment delivers higher output in the same or less floor space than an existing direct-heated fryer because cooking oil is heated outside the fryer using an external heat exchanger. The fryer and heat exchanger are sized separately. Product throughput determines fryer size, while heat exchanger size is dictated by the heat load – for present and even future production.  External oil heating also gives the Breaded Products Fryer a few additional advantages:
  • Lower system oil volume
  • Faster oil turnover 
  • Dual oil filtration
  • Simple sanitation
  • Frying versatility
The Breaded Products Fryer also fries egg rolls, meatballs, and many other un-coated prepared food items.