Impingement Ovens Provide Flexible, Uniform, Sustainable Cooking

Dec. 21, 2010
Heat and Control's builds ovens that provide uniform cooking and the flexibility to deliver high-yields and a variety of product surface qualities.
For rapid cooking with precise control of product color and texture, Heat and Control's AirForce impingement oven provides independent adjustment of cooking and browning on both sides of the product.  The patented design cooks all product equally across the width of the conveyor belt.  No yield-reducing overcooking is required to assure all product is fully and safely cooked.  For long cook times or high capacity processing in limited floor space, compact Spiral Ovens are available in single and twin drum designs.  Cooking atmosphere circulates in an even 360-degree pattern across all conveyor tiers.  Each product piece receives the same degree of cooking for uniform color development and yields.  Insulated double-wall construction reduces heat loss and fuel costs.  Sanitation uses minimal water for lower utility costs. Spiral and impingement ovens can cook with steam, dry heat, or any combination of both.  Heating and moisture systems fully modulate to maintain a consistent cooking environment and uniform output.