Make Multiple Bag Styles On One Snack Bagmaker

Dec. 29, 2008

Produce pillow, hem seal, gusseted and flat bottom bags on Ishida’s Atlas-202 Flexible Bagmaker from Heat and Control.  Specifically designed for snack foods, Atlas-202 forms a variety of bag styles without having to buy several dedicated bagmakers. 

Plus, it requires significantly less floor space than a typical machine used to make flat bottom or hem seal bags.

Single button call-up of multiple preset bag formats and sizes makes changeovers quick and easy.  For increased versatility, Atlas-202 is available with automatic film splicing, banner attachment, hole punch, tear notch, perforated and zig-zag cuts, air or nitrogen flushing.  When integrated with an Ishida multihead weigher, the entire system is operated from a single remote control for maximum speed and efficiency.