Upright Buckets Provide Clean, Trouble-Free Conveying

Dec. 22, 2008

To prevent product spills, Varilift conveyors have buckets that remain upright after dumping.  This eliminates downtime caused by jamming and bucket breakage because buckets overlap only at the infeed area. 

Upright buckets permit jam-free bottom discharge from any point under a horizontal run.  Optional multiple infeed and discharge points allow you to receive or deliver product to more than one location.  "S", "C" or horizontal configurations are available for conveying or product accumulation.

Rugged one-piece polypropylene buckets can be removed by hand for easy cleaning.  Optional pivoting Tip-To-Clean buckets and clean-in-place sprays also facilitate sanitation.  Modular construction allows Varilift to be reconfigured or expanded to suit changes in production line layout.