High Volume Fresh Salad Conveyor Keeps Damage At Bay For Leafy Salad Mixes

Dec. 19, 2008

Convey large quantities of leafy salad and spring mixes without bruising or damage using the FastBack 260E horizontal motion conveyor from Heat and Control.  With transfer rates twice as fast as comparable conveyors, FastBack moves heavy loads at up to 40 feet per minute.   No operator adjustments, flexure or variable speed tuning are required.  FastBack’s gentle slow-forward fast-back horizontal motion conveys delicate leaf products with no sticking or layering in the pan.  The full washdown drive handles pans up to 35 feet long and can be used with different pan sizes and configurations for economical changes in equipment layouts. 

Salad processors using FastBacks report they evenly feed product to weighers, eliminating the need for operators to continually push product to underfed weigh hoppers.  Processors also praise FastBack reliability, noting there are no pan cracks or frequent adjustment requirements.  Low 70dB operation with product also makes FastBack the preferred alternative to noisy vibratory conveyors.

FastBack conveyors are also available for fresh-cut and frozen vegetables and fruits.