Auto Dryer Introduced For Fresh-Cut Produce

Nov. 14, 2008

Key Technology introduced its redesigned Auto Dryer, which removes moisture from fresh-cut produce to enhance shelf life.  Available in one-, two-, and four-drum configurations, the new Auto Dryer features a larger 980-mm (38.6-inch) diameter drum that increases production throughput and new electronics that improve reliability and simplify operation.

The Auto Dryer achieves fully automated, uninterrupted drum loading and unloading and doubles throughput in half the floor space while reducing labor, improving worker safety, and enhancing product quality.

The one-drum Auto Dryer is 5 feet (1586 mm) wide by 7 feet (2242 mm) long.  The two-drum model is 7 feet (2165 mm) wide by 11 feet (3314 mm) long, and the four-drum model is 9 feet (2835 mm) wide by 10 feet (3174 mm) long.  All models are less than 10 feet (2994 mm) in height.