Gainco Inc.

March 14, 2006
Dual-indexing bulk system saves packing labor

The new dual-indexing bulking and batching system from Gainco, Inc. is designed to optimize meat and poultry packing operations. Whether packing chicken tenders, boneless breasts, drumsticks, wings, leg quarters or chops, Gainco’s new automated system provides versatility, durability and cost-saving performance.

The labor-saving design of Gainco’s dual-indexing bulk system is equipped with a “smart” conveyor that automatically indexes product containers following the bulk/batch cycle. Designed for optimal accuracy at high speeds, Gainco’s dual load cell design improves settle time, thereby increasing accuracy and throughput – up to 980 pounds per minute (+/- 14 cycles). Moreover, the system’s unique “straddle” design with an in-line hopper greatly reduces the equipment footprint, thereby optimizing floor space.

Gainco’s ability to construct individual system components according to multiple hardware and software configurations results in system designs that are ideally suited to the wide range of bulking applications needed by poultry processors. The systems can accommodate all popular sizes of totes, boxes or tubs.

Gainco’s new dual-indexing bulk system is fully integrated with the company’s DataMan online, real-time reporting system for data collection. Using either Ethernet or RF interfaces, managers are able to oversee production processes more efficiently and effectively with this application.

The new dual-indexing bulk system features Gainco’s washdown-tough Infiniti Plus programmable controller, offering ease and flexibility in the product run setup and operation. This IP69K-rated weight indicator is specifically designed to thrive in the harshest food processing environments. Other features of the new bulk system include its innovative open-frame design as opposed to a conventional tubular construction. This open-frame design allows no place for food debris to hide or bacteria-prone residual water to collect, along with providing easier maintenance access. Moreover, the system is equipped with load cell overload protection to prevent damage and reduce long-term operating costs.

Users of Gainco’s dual-indexing bulk systems have access to Gainco’s industry-leading Blue Ribbon Service program, wherein customers can receive expert 24-hour, 7-day service on all equipment components, distribution systems, software and wireless communications support. Blue Ribbon Service’s customer service technicians are certified in most states, and all service work is guaranteed.