BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.

March 6, 2006
Knife-edge carrier cuts harmful product build-up

BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., has introduced the Twist & Dry Knife-edge Carrier, a solution to product buildup on spray-dry nozzles.

With traditional flat-face tip nozzles, product residue can collect on the tip and become hazardous when it dries and is exposed to the hot dryer air. The BETE Twist & Dry Knife-edge Carrier tapers down from the orifice to form a sharp ridge at the tip. By eliminating the flat face tip, harmful product buildup is reduced.

The Twist & Dry Knife-edge Carrier geometry makes it ideal for use in co-current dryers and high-fat-content product applications. It is also compatible with BETE’s standard Twist & Dry components, making it easy for customers to switch to the new carrier with no disruption to their drying process.