Aug. 26, 2005
Service helps processors benchmark new products' success

ACNielsen on August 25 introduced Global Launch Tracker, a new service designed to help consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers benchmark the progress of their new product launches against other successful introductions. Utilizing the unparalleled global reach of ACNielsen's consumer and marketing information assets, the new service provides a powerful new tool to facilitate the introduction of new products.

Jane Perrin, ACNielsen managing director of global services, said, "New products are critical to the success of CPG manufacturers. However, they are inherently risky, and introducing new products across multiple countries is even more challenging. Global Launch Tracker makes use of ACNielsen's unmatched global sales and consumer information, putting multi-country information together in an easy-to-use application."

Global Launch Tracker integrates point-of-sale and consumer panel data to assess the results of product launches within specific categories from the previous two years. The service provides multi-dimensional benchmarks, including consumer trial, repeat purchase, and sales, while also identifying specific countries where the risk of launching a new product may be unusually high or low.

From their desktops, users of Global Launch Tracker can analyze a single product introduction across more than 90 countries or multiple product introductions across one country. Besides helping companies weigh the risk of introducing a new product in multiple countries, the service can also be used to track the results of a competitor's multi-country new product launch.

ACNielsen, a VNU business, is the world's leading marketing information provider. Offering services in more than 100 countries, the unit provides measurement and analysis of marketplace dynamics and consumer attitudes and behavior.