Franklin Miller, Inc.

Aug. 23, 2005
Ultra-sanitary crusher maintains product quality, temperature
The Delumper S4 series crusher features an ultra-sanitary design, powerful crushing capabilities and positive once-through chopping action that reduces product to desired output without over-grinding. This precision-built crusher is specifically designed to meet the high standards of the food industry. The unit reduces homogenous or heterogenous materials, dry powders, and resinous, hard or soft agglomerates without degrading the product or causing a rise in temperature.The Delumper operates with a low noise level and minimal vibration and is engineered to fit into open or closed systems via flanged connections, such as ducts, chutes or pipes. A convenient side door provides easy access to the interior and allows the entire internal mechanism to slide out or be cleaned in-place.The Delumper has a smooth polished interior and filled in corners so that no material accumulates or stagnates. Cantilevered outboard bearings are protected from internal contamination by a special seal. The fully enclosed, dust-tight, stainless steel body and drum prevent cross-contamination.Output sizes are adjustable by changing the unit’s drum configuration or rotational speed. Options include coarse or fine teeth, secondary sizing screen and mechanical shaft seals, variable speed controls, hoppers and stands.