Beer From Sewage, Hard Seltzer From Hot Dog Water

July 1, 2022
Texas firm launches Bun Length seltzer, Singapore offers NEWBrew.

Will you be drinking beer or hard seltzer for your Independence Day weekend? Either way, you may want to steer clear of these two new beverages.

NEWBrew is being described as a new blond ale, in the parlance of beer aficianados, but sounds like it could be a dark … given that it was made with processed sewage water in Singapore.

If you’re in or near Fort Worth, Texas, you could come across the newest hard seltzer from Martin House Brewing Co.: Bun Length, a hot dog-flavored hard seltzer made from the leftover water from 52 lbs. of boiled hot dogs.

First, the NEWBrew: A number of media today (July 1) were reporting (belatedly) on what apparently was an April launch of the brew that uses recycled sewage water from Singapore. It apparently uses NEWater, a specially treated sewage water that was introduced in 2003.

As the New York Post explains, the island nation lacks natural water sources and is thus heavily dependent on rainfall. Any prolonged dry spell puts Singapore at risk of severe water shortages. The country uses the NEWater process to put sewage water through a microfiltration process that removes even microscopic particles and bacteria. The treated water is then put through a phase of reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection that is aimed at killing the remaining bacteria and viruses, ensuring purity.

Now to Bun Length seltzer: Martin House Brewing is known for some pretty outrageous brews, the Dallas Morning News reports, including Space Pizza beer, with tomatoes and oregano, a mustard & pickle beer and -- also brand new for the Fourth -- Murph Juice, a barbecue sauce beer.

As for Bun Length, it should taste just like it sounds, the brewery’s marketing director told the Morning News: like a boozy hot dog.

Happy Independence Day, everyone.

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