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Pepsi Unveils ‘Gametime Fridge TV’ for Football Season

Aug. 19, 2022
The soda company created one 55-in. TV covering a refrigerator full of Pepsi cans.
Wonder what Pepsi will do with that estimated $50 million they’ll save by not sponsoring the Super Bowl’s halftime show? It’s building TVs and refrigerators.

Actually, not TVs and refrigerators separately but a combined 55-in. 4K LED TV serving as the door on a refrigerator optimized for storing cans – presumably of ice-cold Pepsi products. And it’s only one TV-refrigerator, to be given away in a drawing to one lucky football watcher/Pepsi drinker (neither attribute required) via a national sweepstakes.

“The Pepsi Gametime Fridge TV ensures viewers can quickly grab another crisp, refreshing can of Pepsi without missing a single down,” the announcement said. “With the click of a button, the TV screen gently glides from center to right via a seamless motorized system secured to the state-of-the-art wall-mounted refrigerator … revealing a display of ice-cold Pepsi cans and surrounded by vibrant LED lights.”

PepsiCo announced in May it was not renewing its 10-year sponsorship of the often-anticipated Super Bowl Halftime Show. But the company also noted it was renewing other sponsorship deals with the National Football League, the details of which were not specified.

To enter the drawing for the TV-fridge, “fans can share who they're looking forward to spending gamedays with this season on the Pepsi Twitter and Instagram with #GametimeFridgeTV and #PepsiSweepstakes.” The promotion ends Aug. 20. Check out the rules here.

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