Nestle Australia Changing Names of Red Skins and Chicos Candies

June 23, 2020
Nestle business unit Allen’s admits they may be offensive to Native Americans and Latinos.

Nestle said it will change the names of two products sold in Australia because they may be offensive to Native Americans & Canadians and Latinos.

Red Skins, a berry flavored chew, and Chicos chocolate-flavored jellies are manufactured by Nestle’s Australian confectionery company Allen’s. The new names have not been finalized, but will be announced shortly.

News reports say both brands have been criticized in the past for being offensive.

The move comes a week after several American brands promised to change names or imagery rooted in racism, including Aunt Jemima pancake products, Uncle Ben’s rice, Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup and Cream of Wheat.

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